THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so in a time when crack head Lamar Odom needs his wife the most… she is out in Las Vegas partying with anyone that is relevant, so her fat ass can stay relevant herself.  Well, here is a funny story of what happened while Khloe was partying in Las Vegas.  My girlfriend sells cocaine to Lamar Odom, he has been completely cut off from the Kardashians so he has no money and has been pawning off his jewelry to get high.  My girlfriend went to his apartment downtown around 3 am with 2 eight balls which she was going to sell to him for $300… when she got over there, Lamar had no cash or jewelry to give her as a payment, so no joke, the guy straight up offered himself to have sex with her.  He said it was easily worth $300 in exchange for having sex with a future NBA Hall-of-Fame player… she laughed her ass off and left.  He chased her downstairs and ended up giving her a ring worth over 3k, for the 2 eight balls of coke.  It is sad, but Lamar Odom will die in the next year, he is out of money, he is out of a wife… suicide is the only thing left.

Kourtney don’t do the sideways pose anymore. It makes you look like the short heavy chick in the crew.- nik