THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl Angie Fec.  She bartends at Penthouse, a strip club in Pittsburgh. She’s so gross I could see her cellulite through her fishnets. She was pretty much begging for it, so I talk to her because I’m like there has to be a reason this fat slob works here. She tells me she is some kind of Playboy Ambassador! So now I’m thinking she must know someone or be someone. She tells me she’s a clothing designer under the label “sew addicted”. I looked it up and it looks like a bunch of copyright infringement to me! So I’m like she must be dating someone if she is commiting felonies and is working for Playboy and Penthouse. Her BF is a convicted drug dealer. Can someone please tell me why this girl is able to get jobs with Playboy and Penthouse and commit copyright infringement? Maybe I have higher than average standards, but really she’s gross – am I blind?

I didn’t know spanx made swimwear?- nik