THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik, well look who we have here… another typical wannabe from Los Angeles. This person goes by the name of Yasmeen. Yasmeen thinks that because she takes 57 selfies a day makes her a model. She claims she is a published fashion model and professional stylist for the entertainment industry. She also is in her forties and spends her time lurking around for young men that already have girlfriends (young men meaning boys under the age of 21).  She also is a genuine stalker. I have heard that as soon as she gets a 19 year old boyfriend she instantly tries to move in to their parents house or apartment then goes through their cell phone and calls each girl in their phone threatening them and sending then nude pics of herself. (VERY CREEPY) I’ve seen people with horrible self esteem but this just tops it all.

Somebody needs some serious tattoo removal.- nik