THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik! I know you’re probably tired of seeing this ratchet snaggle tooth skank on here, BUT I just have to call her out yet once again! She claims she wasn’t pregnant or can’t have kids, but yet on her Facebook post she clearly states theres one in the oven, and pictures of her pregnant from May and in June she messaged my friend going phyco on him thinking he was her allegedly baby daddy who she was pregnant by. These are pictures and proof from her own mouth that she announces her pregnancy more than one.. Now I’m no rocket scientist but in those pictures she’s clearly showing! Or was this just a scam to keep a man that didn’t want her? Or is she just fat?? You can say I have no life I could careless but BITCH you just got called the fck out! Next time don’t test me or my research! BOOOOM!!! please give me your opinion and I’ll lay this to rest. Have a nice life you low life ass LIAR!

You can’t trust a women once their maternity clock goes off.- nik