THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this fabulous lady right here is Holly W from Gulf Shores, Alabama. She looks sweet enough, but she is a devoted pill junkie and class A sk*nk. This lovely mother of 2 can usually be found working for tips anywhere that the dress code allows bikini tops or pasties. I’m not saying she has DRD, but the father (who is in jail) of one of her kids does. If you’re intrested in meeting her you can meet up with her boyfriend at the local bar for a round of “Where the %*#$ is Holly?” The last time this was played her hiding spot was the back seat of someones car, with a mouth full of big black Alabama football player. She tried to take me home from the bar for two weeks straight, each night thinking she was meeting me for the first time. Real classy.

I knew she had 2 kids with no husband… you can see it in her face and armpits.- nik