THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this nasty pig is Jen Angers Surrey’s biggest walking STD and piss poor excuse of a mother. Sh\’s dated almost every guy in surrey\” she has a child with a dead beat baby daddie ever since she\’s had her daughter she has introduced her to everyone of her boyfriends that poor child is probably so fucked up and confused because of you Jen now she got knocked up again by her NEW boyfriend Nevada.This dumb broad actually got his name tattooed on her hip\’ what a mistake that was hahahahaha lets see how long this relationship lasts\’ she\’s going to be stuck with his kid and to top it off a tattoo of this dudes name on her. She\’s so fucking stupid! Every boyfriend she has she claims she loves him, that she wants a ring, that her daughter loves them. My god woman fucking keep your legs closed grow the hell up\” why don\’t you keep your legs closed for once and try raising your own kid then throwing her at the arms of your auntie to raise her I feel bad for the second child coming. Has to grow up and live with trailer park trash.

Never tattoo anyone’s name on your body.- nik