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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I never went to college cause I’m to smart for that sh*t but my little sister is a Sophomore this year at UCLA. My sis is a book geek and only had a few friends after her Freshman year, she wanted to grow and get more friends so she decided to join a sorority this year. She was just telling me what she had to do earlier this year to get into the sorority and I about went crazy. Nik, they made her drink her own piss to prove loyalty and that she really wanted to be in the sorority that bad… and she did it with no problem, she said she would have done a lot more than drink pee to have these friends!!!  Like WTF?  They need to pass a law making all fraternities/sororities illegal because this is just getting out of hand… who does this? Sorry Nik I can’t out my sisters chapter. But as soon as she quits its on like donkey kong.

If I had to guess… Gamma Phi.- nik