THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I need your assessment on this chick Amber Walter. She is a former Playboy model who now lives in Phoenix. She wrote a book, where she claims that she had a three year “relationship” with a married AZ State Senator from ages 11 through age 15. She claims he illegally had her legal age changed from 15 to 18 to protect himself from several child molestation, and statutory rape charges. Now the girl is driving around a Bentley.  Something doesn’t smell right here, I know someone in the dirty army has to have some more intel. What’s your read on this chick, Nik? Did she get a payoff? She admits she has mental/self-esteem issues but I think that’s only scratching the surface. This might be a dirty celeb in the making. She has trainwreck written all over her!

She looks like Joaquin Phoenix when she smiles. Definitely not digging that.- nik