THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, how can I start, lets see… I broke it down nice and simple for you guys, BMD posted a pic on IG not too long ago and if you look close you can see that’s its photoshopped.  The picture on the left is the photo shopped pic and the one on the right is not photo-shopped, her ass is big I’m not saying its not and she does have ass implants, but she uses Photoshop to enhance her fake curves.  You can see she photoshopped her back in a bit and pulled her ass implant out to make it seem larger, BMD stop your lies, and stop using photoshop for the perfect body.  You look like cottage cheese in real life and smell like some dirty sex… enough with the surgeries.

What a scam. Black Man’s Dream looks like a fat white girl on the right, not a phat white girl like the left.- nik