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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, before the Anthony Weiner scandal, I had no clue who you were.  The more research I did on you the more I did not like you.  I kept on going to your site and slowly saw what you are doing and since I have became a huge supporter.  We need people like you, so much of your content is calling people out and many times, you offer them a chance or a reason to stop and make a positive change.  If they want to listen to you and wake up and smell the coffee… well its up to them.  Like us New Yorkers, you literally saved our city from Anthony Weiner, before you broke the Carlos Danger story, he was the clear front-runner to become Mayor of the best city in the world.  Without you or your hard work, we would have this con-artist in office and who knows how bad things could have gotten for our city.  Everyone in NYC owes you a huge thanks, you are to New York City like Batman is to Gotham, you saved us and for that I will forever be grateful to you and your mission.  Keep up the solid work in 2014 and lets not only make NYC a better place, but this whole country… because we desperately need it.

Go Yankees.- nik