THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Acie Smothers. Her real name is Abigail or something but she changed it for some reason a while back to Acie. She’s only 18. My main problem with her is how obnoxious she is with her photos on Facebook. These photos are I guess considered “modeling” pictures. It wouldn’t be as bad if there weren’t so many uploaded daily and if they weren’t photoshopped so much. It also wouldn’t be as bad if she actually looked like them in person. Some of her “modeling” pictures seem to be verging on somewhat pornographic for her and honestly shouldn’t be uploaded on Facebook. She’s not ugly.  I just think she needs to chill out with all these photos she’s constantly uploading.  It’s obvious she’s quite full of herself.

Acie please get the hole in your nose filled, it will help your future.- nik