THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here are Alexandra and her little brother Garrett Peirce with their not so respectable partners. I don’t think the world understands the gravity of the situation with these two idiots and their selfish ways and the way they hide behind mommy and daddy’s money.  Alexandra is nothing but a gold digging money hungry bitch and Garrett, well, after you put his ass on blast a couple of years ago and he realized mommy and daddy can’t protect him over the Internet, he decided to join the Marine Corps as a Lieutenant and hide behind his rank.  This guy is a joke. His sister is a joke and so are their parents.  Every time someone confronts Alexandra about her racist ways, she goes on a full blown tantrum and deletes and blocks the comments and the people. You are the only person who will not stand for her bullsh*t fake censorship.

All I see is 4 dudes.- nik