THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Lina Liebe, is a misleading slut who prances around in stripper attire. She claims to have no affiliation with a production company who was not only busted down for allowing minors at their shows but was actively involved in conduct with these minors before getting busted down for involvement with drugs, yet she lives with them…. Uh come on… This company (AKA “Stage 6”) held a summer festival with no plans for restrooms, needless to say this left a crowd of ravers shitting and pissing everywhere for three days. Which is completely illegal and unsanitary I might add. The show left off with an angry neighbor coming down with firearms harassing the “guests” bringing the police who shut the show down for good. No one was refunded. Having thrown her only show with the company “Stage 6” in the past she decides to claim she is now an event owner and “Stage 6” is no longer involved. Jack-in-the-Box, where she is employed, hardly pays enough to pay rent let alone fund an entire EDM summer festival??? Her personal Facebook exclusively “Stage 6” party promotions….. WTF, Nik… seriously.

Basement ravers are ones to look out for.- nik