THE DIRTY ARMY: This Homewrecking Cougar has gotten herself knocked up! Stacy Eddins-Martinez is not your average Kindergarten teacher (White Elementary) … she’s had her run with a handful of her students daddy’s, but got her sights locked in on Mr. Dan Nagel (the MARRIED bodybuilding PE teacher.) Took her about two years of flirting & ego stoking to finally get this 31 year old teacher to even mess around with her 42 year old fat ass … but it worked. Her best gal pal tells me she had Dan convinced she was taking ‘the pill’ … but in reality she had stopped taking it. She wanted Dan all to herself, and getting knocked up was the sure way to end his marriage, and get him all to herself. (she has 4 kids of her own, guess she’s one of those that ‘once you pop, you can’t stop’). Mid June she got what she wanted, knocked up with Dan’s baby. When she went back to school, she told everybody she’d gotten married over the summer to some guy she’d been seeing for awhile, and was having his baby (She won’t admit it’s Dan’s … all the teacher’s had suspected her and Dan’s affair, and a lot of them are friends with Dan’s wife, Heather -Side note: Dan had been fired at the end of the year for bringing a gun to school, now he’s a car salesman HA!). So instead of admit she’s a total cunt, she faked a marriage! HAHA Who knows how she’s going to explain the red headed baby to everybody (yes, Dan’s a Redhead) not to mention they are naming the little boy with Daniel’s middle name (moron’s). Congrats on little boy Stacy. Good luck keeping Dan though. He ran out on his wife with you when they’re youngest child was 1.5 years old (now that’s a scumbag for ya). How long do you think he’ll stick around with your old ass?

Peoples plots aren’t that deep.- nik