THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I just submitted that post about how great Rehab used to be.  I totally forgot my favorite part.  I’m sure if you were at those pool parties between 05′ and ’08, you most likely saw Tranny Manny do his famous “Skull Rape” move.  It was an all time classic move, because all the newbie girls that were just in for the weekend, thought they were partying with some rich guys and their really ugly man looking girlfriend… but once they got the “Skull Rape” they suddenly realized that it actually was a man.  That sh*t would have us cracking up, because they would be so drunk and trying to piece it together and what the hell just happened to them and if a Greg head went into their mouth… LOL, oh man the good old days.  Sundays will never be the same.

Legit blow job.- nik