THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is a warning to all the wanna be models.  Watch out for John “Gimmie Guy” Hughes, he is a sleeze bag. He will use you. He takes naked pictures of you when you are not paying attention and sells them to adult sites. He also touches you inappropriately and while on road trips tries to make you sleep with him and his friends. He works with super hot girls so he looks good but his turn over rate is over the top. I have heard so many stories about him and wanted to share what recently happened between him and a model who paid 4 months ago for posters that she never got. Stay away from him ladies. He bought likes for two girls named Caitln something and Tinisha Portillo so it looks like they are popular because they have 100,000 + likes. Don’t fall for his crap. He also works with Danny Frost who is his “scout”. All though he will promise that after a while you will make money you never will. He doesn’t allow anyone to post pictures of him online so this is exclusive for I was lucky enough to have this presented to me today. Ladies and Gentleman I give you John Gimmie Guy Hughes.

San Diego tell me more. Thanks for the heads up.- nik