THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Drew Carey (from the Price is Right) met Niki Sklyer on one of those webcam sites and immediately became her sugar daddy. He moved her from Miami out to LA with her 9 year old son and has flown her to vacations in NY, Aspen and Vegas on a private jet.  Her real name is Megan Martinez and she is well, a prostitute. Having f*cked at least 20 guys she met off the cam site. Drew clearly doesn’t f*cking get it. She used to charge $1500 an hour to escort in Miami before he moved her to LA. He is covering her rent at $60k a year and buying her gifts + an allowance. What he doesn’t know is the Megan has been arrested like 10 times for theft back in Florida and failing to appear.  I used to have some level of respect for Drew but it appears he is a total creepy loser. And YES she is still jamming toys in her juice box on the cam site everyday.

Go Sounders!- nik