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THE DIRTY ARMY: Mandeville, Louisiana is one of those small, everyone knows everyone towns. There was a little girl that lived there back around 89-90. Her name at that time was “Jennifer Comeaux.” Jennifer was the easy A kinda girl. Hell, I hit it in the back of my boy’s Cutlass with ease. Back to the original point. Lot’s of time has passed. Jennifer has changed into Barbie Angel now. A Max Hardcore prodigy so to speak. Pretty fucked what they do to her, but she chose to walk that path. Here is why I am putting the word out. My good ole bud, we will call him Dumb Ass for privacy reasons. D.A. runs into Barbie in the beautiful state of Tenn about a month ago. For some odd reason D.A. fcks little trashy ass Barbie with a naked head. D.A. now has a case of herpes for the rest of his Dumb Ass life. POINT OF MY MOUTHING IS, “STAY THE FCK AWAY FROM JENNIFER COMEAUX AKA BARBIE ANGEL!!”