THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik We all know his name is Javier Lopez aka mason grant von York and the reason y I bring him to your attention AGAIN because this infected h*mo is up to his same tricks again and scamming ppl for money and still infecting boys with his H*V. He’s now asking ppl to give money for H*V and cancer and is PLANING to KEEP the MONEY. He has pissed off people in sa. First he STOLE the crown from someone who deserves it, then doesn’t not show up for any performances. Then wants to do his shows in corpus where they didn’t vote for him. Darling EVERYONE is glad your gone back to that hell hole u call Odem. His new boy toy Jacob Gomez is the most trashiest transgender person alive. Jacob has said that he’s let Javier/Mason fu*k him with no condom on, infecting Jacob. He has repeatedly gotten violent with his family. When Javier is drunk he steals from everyone he clams he loves including his family.