THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Daya Barboza. from what I see on her IG and her sugar baby tumblr account, she has a pretty strong following and she gets more followers everyday. Her IG is loaded with pictures of her and her many expensive things all the way from Marc Jacobs bags and watches to Chanel! But what her followers don’t know about Daya is that she was an escort and “sugar baby”. She goes out on dates with OLD CEO’s and government officials.. she was a model or a promo model, moved out of her parents house around 17 with a cocaine addiction to keep her skinny!  This girl dates men older enough to be her grandfather and probably sleeps with all of them and this is how she get her lavish lifestyle. She travels everywhere with them staying in 5 star hotels.. she’s been all over the country! the most crazy thing, she JUST graduated from high school… I wonder how she was able to keep this on the down low for so long without her peers and teachers noticing and how she was able to travel so much during high school. I would never want my daughter to go down this path just for a few expensive things.

I think I see Uncle Chuck.- nik