THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Kim Kardashian recently posted this photo on Instagram and it got me thinking. I am starting to believe that ITG’s have to be divided into various categories. Category 1: ITG’s due to having wide vaginas. Category 2: ITG’s due to having wide hip bones. Category 3: ITG’s due to being extremely thin and/or toned. Category 4: ITG’s due to having two or more of the other categories combined. Some people might find one or more of these attractive or unattractive so I found it important to divide them. I also feel like many of these seem to go hand in hand. I have even seen thick females like Kim with ITG’s which is surprising. Kim has a massive ass so you would think the thighs would need to be thick enough to support such a structure but thanks to her wide vagina she has an ITG. Which of these categories do you personally consider a turn off? If so, what can a person do to improve because I am not sure you can alter a wide vagina or a wide hip bone which is disappointing for someone who wants to keep improving themselves.

Kim’s ass isn’t real, that is why she has a minimal ITG.- nik