THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, looks like delusional Ashley Alexiss checks The Dirty pretty carefully, despite all her bullsh*t about being a confident woman. Her reasoning for deleting anything anyone ever tells her other than she’s perfect, is…get this…that she’s protecting her haters from her fans. WOW Ash. Just wow. She has completely lost her mind. Even in her newest photoshopped TFP ‘work,’ her gut is so massive that her vagina literally eats her underwear. Please keep posting her. It’s real obvious that the DA is getting through to her. The more she’s posted, the more out of touch with reality she gets. She’s never going to be a serious model. But she really believes in that sick, over-inflated head that she’s some kind of A-list celebrity. Her insanity is the most entertaining thing I’ve seen on the internet in a long time. Keep doing you, Ashley. You are giving the real world a real laugh.

It should be illegal for people like her to have social media. Seriously though, they need to have psych forms instead of terms of service check boxes. Selfies lead to suicide.- nik