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EXCLUSIVE: Brandi Glanville – The Last Person On Earth I’d Copy Is Lisa Rinna

EXCLUSIVE: Brandi Glanville – The Last Person On Earth I’d Copy Is Lisa Rinna

Recently, The Dirty exclusively reported why Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna may have posted her nude photo on Instagram. When a semi-nude photo of Brandi Glanville appeared on her boyfriend’s Instagram this weekend, rumors started circulating that she was trying to imitate Rinna.

We spoke exclusively to Glanville today, who shared, “I didn’t know my boyfriend was going to post that! I thought he was joking but I personally didn’t post anything people seem to be missing that! ”

As far as copying/imitating Rinna, Glanville added that, “The last person on earth I would ever copy is Lisa Rinna.”

“But honestly,” she wrapped with telling us, “you can’t see ANYTHING (in my picture other than) a little side boob. Who cares?”

Honestly, in our opinion, both Glanville and her boyfriend looked good in the photo. You gotta give credit where it’s due.

Breaking News: Milo Yiannaopoulos – Resigns From Breitbart News

After The Dirty reported that Milo Yiannopoulos had lost his book deal after older interview footage of him seemingly supporting certain types of pedophilia had come to the forefront, Yiannopoulos today announced today he is resigning from his position at Breitbart News.

In his statement he gave at a press conference in New York City, he said the following:

“Breitbart News has stood by me when others caved. They have allowed me to carry conservative and libertarian ideas to communities that would otherwise never have heard them. They have been a significant factor in my success. I’m grateful for that freedom and for the friendships I forged there. I would be wrong to allow my poor choice of words to detract from my colleagues’ important reporting, so today I am resigning from Breitbart, effective immediately. This decision is mine alone. When your friends have done right by you, you do right by them. For me, now, that means stepping aside so my colleagues at Breitbart can get back to the great work they do.”

Yiannopoulos also said during the press conference that, “I’m horrified by pedophilia and I have devoted large portions of my career to exposing child abusers.”

Breitbart also released a statement after Yiannopoulos announced his resignation, stating, Milo Yiannopoulos’s bold voice has sparked much-needed debate on important cultural topics confronting universities, the LGBTQ community, the press, and the tech industry. Milo notified us this morning of his decision to resign as editor of Breitbart Tech and we accepted his resignation.”

It will be interesting to see where Yiannopoulos decides to go next, and we will be sure to keep you posted about more regarding this breaking news report.

EXCLUSIVE: Justin Moed – Involved In New Scandal Regarding Gentlemen’s Club

EXCLUSIVE: Justin Moed – Involved In New Scandal Regarding Gentlemen’s Club

While The Dirty has exposed Indiana House of Representatives member Justin Moed before for his involvement in a sexting scandal, it seems that Moed has found himself involved in the middle of a new issue!

According to Jeff Moe, a club owner of Lenny’s Gentleman’s Club In Indianapolis, Indiana, Moed has been making false claims against Moe and his businesss.

“The club is losing its liquor license with zero excise violations or any problem,” Moe told us. “Justin Moed has been speaking out against the club in public and business meetings.”

Moe went into specific details, telling us that, “On January 18th, 201,  at 8:30 AM, the Stadium Village Business Association had its monthly meeting at the Sacred Heart Church. Justin Moed proceeded to stand up for five minutes and slander me and my club. He went as far as to say that, ‘I don’t know how Mr. Moe is paying legal bills. He is selling drugs out the back door.’”

“The club nor me personally has ever been convicted of any crime,” Moe added. “Justin Moed is completely lying to try to slander my business, and it’s ironic given his history.”

“We have been battling this for three years thanks to Justin Moed, and are in the final appeal stage,” Moe wrapped with telling us. “I lost my liquor license for a day and am supposed to lose it again May 1st. What’s funny is that there have been 10 murders at area bars in Justin’s district and, for whatever reason, he is choosing to go after a strip club with a perfect record.”

Stay tuned to The Dirty for more on this exclusive report, including police records proving the club has not been having issues and a copy of the lawsuit Moe has filed with the state. He did indicate that a lawsuit against Moed from him will also be forthcoming.

EXCLUSIVE: Matt Baier – Breaks Silence On Wedding Weekend

EXCLUSIVE: Matt Baier – Breaks Silence On Wedding Weekend

Prior to the weekend, rumors started rampantly flying that Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood and her fiancee, Matt Baier, were getting married. This was due to photos Baier had posted on his social media noting that the couple was heading to Vegas for a wedding.

Later on in the weekend, Baier posted on his social media over the weekend that it was for their friends’s wedding, not theirs.

We caught up with him exclusively and he told us that, “Amber and I had a lot of fun. No it wasn’t our wedding but we enjoyed celebrating with friends.”

“The wedding we attended was beautiful and it was nice to be away,” he added. “We’re happy to be back home.”

The couple has been engaged for a while now, so stay tuned to The Dirty for any more wedding news surrounding them.

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Lohan – The Car Crash Report Is Fake News

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Lohan – The Car Crash Report Is Fake News

Yesterday, The Dirty revealed that Lindsay Lohan‘s Dad, Michael, was accused of causing a car crash with careless driving. The report also included an alleged injury to the passenger driving the other vehicle.

We spoke to Michael exclusively this morning who told us, “LOL… OMG… It was a 5 mile per hour fender bender. 3 college kids messing around all stop short. I was the last in line.”

“I made contact with the car in front of me,” he continued. “Police and ambulance came. NO injuries were reported.”

“Maybe Trump’s right about FAKE NEWS,” he added.

Michael also told us that, “The careless driving is being dismissed. If anyone was careless it was the policewoman who wring the report. As soon as she recognized my name, her demeanor changed.”

We’re glad Michael was able to clarify what went on with us and explain how the initial reports surfacing were clearly a case of alternative facts.

Uncensored Footage From Teen Mom OG Reunion Fight Released

Last year, fans of the Teen Mom OG series were shocked when a huge fight broke out between Amber PortwoodFarrah AbrahamMatt Baier, and Farrah’s Dad, Michael Abraham, at the Teen Mom OG reunion.

While the footage that aired in the USA was shocking even with all of the expletives bleeped out, MTV International recently posted an uncensored version, and it’s even more stunning than it was when it aired here.

As a brief reminder of what went down, when Dr. Drew asked Fararh’s on-again-off-again boyfriend Simon Saran about calling Matt a pedophile, Farrah responded that she was “sorry if Matt probably looks like it,” leading Amber to come on stage to confront Farrah. This led to Farrah’s Dad coming out, Matt coming out, and a physical altercation that MTV’s security ended up having to break up.

Check out the NSFW footage above and prepare to have to pick your jaw up off the floor.
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