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EXCLUSIVE: Norman Reedus Responds To Walking Dead Critics- You Gotta Stop

EXCLUSIVE: Norman Reedus Responds To Walking Dead Critics- You Gotta Stop
The Dirty - Jeff Spezio

Last night there were many celebrities on the red carpet for the Garden of Laughs benefit at Madison Square Garden. Among them were Norman Reedus, most famous for playing Daryl on The Walking Dead. We talked with him about the show, specifically regarding which female character he’d like to play on the show and what his message is for the critics of the show online.

“Michonne,” Reedus affirmatively stated when asked which character he’d want to play on his show if he was a female. “Michonene because I would like to swing that sword around. That katana looks fun.”

We then asked Reedus what he would say to those criticizing the show, claiming it is lacking direction and more.

“I think too many people are on the internet,” he told us. “And everybody has a computer and everybody has an opinion. Which is fine.”

“But you gotta stop,” he continued. “If you don’t have too much violence, they go there’s not enough violence. Too much violence, there’s too much violence.”

“You just have to tell the story sometimes,” he wrapped with telling us.

Reedus was one of the most friendly and fun celebrities to chat with, and we appreciated his candor and thoughtfulness while answering our questions.

BREAKING: Ivanka Trump Becoming White House Adviser

BREAKING: Ivanka Trump Becoming White House Adviser
MJ Photos/PR Photos

While we can’t say this is at all surprising, there is a breaking report tonight that Ivanka Trump is going to become an unpaid adviser to her father, President Donald Trump– and, by becoming such, a White House employee.

Ivanka released a statement regarding her new role- which will be “Special Assistant To The President”– stating that, “I have heard the concerns some have with my advising the president in my personal capacity while voluntarily complying with all ethics rules, and I will instead serve as an unpaid employee in the White House office, subject to all of the same rules as other federal employees.”

“Throughout this process I have been working closely and in good faith with the White House counsel and my personal counsel to address the unprecedented nature of my role,” she added.

It’s important to note that Ivanka’s lawyer did make it clear that she will file financial disclosure forms that any other federal employee would be required to file.

Ivanka’s husband has already had a position in Trump’s administration as a Senior Adviser.

It will be interesting to see what Ivanka advises her father on and, as you can expect, we’ll be keeping you posted.

EXCLUSIVE: Susan Sarandon Confused On Who We Are, Claims People Are Awake Under Trump

EXCLUSIVE: Susan Sarandon Confused On Who We Are, Claims People Are Awake Under Trump
The Dirty - Jeff Spezio

Last night at Madison Square Garden’s Garden of Laughs benefit, we got the chance to talk to many celebs on the red carpet including Susan Sarandon.

While we were especially excited to meet Sarandon, we can’t say the feeling was mutual after she met us.

We began with introducing ourselves, and the introduction was met with lukewarm reception to say the least.

“From who?” Sarandon responded, when we told her we were The Dirty, which had recently rebranded itself as a celebrity news site.

 “I didn’t know you before,” she then said. “What were you before?”

“You’re like a gossip magazine kind of? Okay,” she added.

We then got into our questions, asking Sarandon what she thought of the Rocky Horror TV revival last year, as she was a star of the original cult classic.

“I didn’t see it because I was working,” she began, pulling out her phone to text message with her son while we were interviewing her. “I didn’t see it. I’m happy- don’t dream it, be it. As many times as you want to tell people that, I think it’s great.”

We then noted how she seemed to be very vocal about supporting President Donald Trump and had taken some heat for it. We were curious to know her thoughts on how he’s doing now that he’s been in office 100 days.

“Is that a serious question?” Sarandon bluntly asked us, seeming annoyed that we would possibly think to question her about a topic she’d been so outspoken for. 

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EXCLUSIVE: Walt Frazier – Lavar Ball Never Had A Career And Is Living Through The Eyes Of His Son

EXCLUSIVE: Walt Frazier – Lavar Ball Never Had A Career And Is Living Through The Eyes Of His Son
The Dirty - Jeff Spezio

Last night at the Garden of Laughs benefit at Madison Square Garden, we caught up with legendary Knicks alum Walt Frazier.

In our quick conversation with him, we got the chance to ask him his thoughts on Lavar Ball, who has been gaining a lot of attention, lately for his behavior in terms of trying to get all three of his children into the NBA. His comments to the media have also been stirring up some controversy as well.

We asked Frazier what his thoughts were on Ball, and, as an NBA legend, he had some very insightful things to share with us.

“I think it’s putting pressure on the kid,” Frazier told us of how Ball is acting. “But he (his oldest son) doesn’t seem to be like his Dad, which is good.”

“He’s overzealous,” Frazier continued. “I think it’s negative for his kid. I say you’re putting more pressure on his kid, what if he gets off to a poor start? They’re gonna crucify him. I wouldn’t do it for my kid. I want the best for him, but I would stay in the background.”

“He’s living through the eyes of his son,” Frazier wrapped with telling us. “He never had a career so now he’s trying to do it with his son.”

Frazier was an absolute delight to talk to, and we were thrilled to see him being so open about his thoughts on this current and controversial sports Dad.

EXCLUSIVE: Leslie Jones – When Trump Doesn’t Tweet About SNL, It’s Upsetting

EXCLUSIVE: Leslie Jones – When Trump Doesn’t Tweet About SNL, It’s Upsetting
The Dirty - Jeff Spezio

Last night was a big night for the comedy world, as the Garden of Laughs benefit took place at Madison Square Garden. The night features a stand up comedy show that gives back by The Garden of Dreams Foundation.

On the red carpet, we exclusively caught up with Saturday Night Live (SNL) cast member Leslie Jones, and we got to discuss the impact President Donald Trump is having on the show.

“It’s fun,” Jones exclusively shared on what it’s like being a cast member of SNL during such an interesting time. “It’s just really fun. It’s always been like a big playground to me anyway.”

When questioned on how being on SNL as a cast member has changed during the time of Trump, Jones shared that, “We still (are) going strong. We go stronger. I mean… that’s just material. For us, it’s just like, we just keep writing and keep coming up with stuff.”

“It’s so fun,” Jones continued dishing, on being a cast member of a show that the President has attacked many times, including on Twitter. “We love it. We love it. Yes (it drives us more). He doesn’t even understand the harder you go, the harder we gonna go. We love it. When he doesn’t tweet about us, that’s when it’s upsetting.”

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Anti Abortion Activists Who Hid Camera To Investigate Planned Parenthood Charged With 15 Felony Counts

In the era of President Donald Trump, there’s been a lot of talk around Planned Parenthood and the funding it receives. Recently, The Washington Post reported that two anti-abortion activists- who hid cameras to investigate Planned Parenthood- have been charged with 15 felony counts. The felony counts are due to laws surrounding health care provider privacy, as these recordings obtained “confidential information without… consent.”Continue Reading
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