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EXCLUSIVE: Farrah Abraham Slams Amber Portwood Sex Tape- “It’s Sad How Hard Amber Tries To Be Me”

Earlier today, we reported that Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood had a rumored sex tape deal with Vivid Entertainment… where she confirmed that, as of now, there’s no sex tape.

We reached out to Farrah Abraham for her reaction, as Abraham is on OG and has been slammed in the past for her sex tape… and she didn’t hold back in her sentiments.Continue Reading

Gretchen Rossi – Celebrities, They’re Just Like Us: They Use Filters

While we like to think celebrities are above us… they’re more like us than we think.

Take case in point Gretchen Rossi, former Real Housewives of Orange County star. She was seen out and about with former cast mate Lydia McLaughlinLizzie Rovsek, and Peggy Tanous.

When the pic appeared on Lydia’s Snapchat, we noticed Rossi’s face looked different… and not as soft was it does in the majority of the photos she posts on social media.

Take a look at the no filter vs filter evidence, and it’s clear to see Rossi is definitely making good use of photo filters to improve her face.

Even though Photoshop is for Liars! No one wants to look wrinkly and old. We get it, Gretchen.

EXCLUSIVE: Amber Portwood Talks Rumored Sex Tape Deal 

We started hearing rumors that Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood and her fiancé, Matt Baier, had met with Vivid Entertainment regarding a sex tape deal. We reached out to Portwood to get the story.

When asked about the sex tape meeting, Portwood would neither confirm or deny if a meeting took place.

She did, however, share that, “Even if I did do something with Vivid it wouldn’t be like other celebrity videos. I was the first to be asked years ago and turned it down.”

“I’m not against them,” Portwood continued, “but I hate when people act like poor me. You made the decision. Make your money and do something good with it.”

“If I ever did anything like that I would just say yeah I did it and now I have halfway houses opening up or I would use it (the money) for charity,” Portwood added.

She did also confirm that, as of now, “there’s no sex tape.”

While we’re assuming that there was a meeting that took place- due to our sources and the fact that Portwood is not denying or confirming it- it definitely sounds like, for now, there’s no sex tape on the way from her.

EXCLUSIVE: Jenelle Evans- It’s My Mom’s Fault I’m Going Through Custody Hearing Today

UPDATE: According to Radar Online, Evans did not get full custody of her son today; rather, she was granted “more visitation time.”

Today’s the day, as Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is facing off in court against her Mother, Barbara, for custody of her son, Jace.

When we spoke to Jenelle yesterday to give her our well wishes, she told us that, “The Judge is ready to hear our case.” 

“It might take Thursday in court or it could settle (today),” Jenelle also told us.

“It’s my Moms fault I’m going through this and it sucks she won’t give up,” Jenelle wrapped with telling us.

Jenelle has turned her life around from when she was younger, and it’s time the court gave her back her son. She’s been fighting for custody of him for what seems like forever.

Jenelle did promise to update us once a decision is made, and we’ll be sure to update you then.

Until that moment… #PrayForJenelle.

Wolk Morais Collection 5 Fashion Show

Last night New York OG’s Brian Wolk and Claude Morais took Los Angeles by storm at legendary Yamashiro restaurant in Hollywood. The restaurant famous for the Marlon Brando classic Sayonara.

The Japanese restaurant turned runway had an epic showing with big celebs in attendance.

Stylist Elizabeth Smart crushed it. The 1940’s inspired hair made the clothes look and feel light… it was awesome.

EXCLUSIVE: Amanda Cerny Talks If Her and Lele Pons Are Speaking Again

While Amanda Cerny and Lele Pons were BFF’s, they had a major falling out last year.

We recently caught up with Cerny and were curious if the two have spoken, especially now that it’s been quite a few months since things got heated between them.

“I have not spoken to her,” Cerny exclusively told us when asked about Pons. “I’m just focusing on my success and career.”

We also were curious if Cerny missed Vine, the social network she was extremely active on that went under.

“No I do not miss Vine,” she shared. “Making six second videos was fun in the beginning, but also very limiting.”

“We’re making moves now,” Cerny added.

Finally, since Cerny is so big into the social world, we asked her thoughts on the new men’s clothing item that has everyone talking- the RompHim AKA the men’s romper.

“There is a romper for men?” Cerny asked. “Googling now.”