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Blake Young of Cold Lake, Alberta

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here we have Blake Young, Blake here works for Global Well Servicing up at Cenovous and lives in Cold Lake Alberta. Blake is a real POS folks, why? Well because he has a wife and kids at home but he told my friend he has an EX WIFE. My friend dated this POS after meeting him in November and just found out his EX wife isn’t an EX at all and they are still very much together.

My friend is the type of person who has a heart of gold, they don’t make them like her anymore, she has dedicated her life to helping people and then on her days off she volunteers on all these boards and helps homeless and all this. Do you have any idea how it feels to see your friend write “I guess I won’t have to introduce him to my family now….he’s been married this entire time” or how about “it feels like the last spark my soul had has been extinguished, I don’t feel like I have anything left to give. It’s like a nightmare I can’t wake up from.”Continue Reading

Sugar Daddy Jeremy Lee And Sugar Baby Natasha Boyer

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, sweetie as promised Natasha Boyer is back on the site and we finally got what we were looking for after one of them messed up and added me on facebook so we could grab pictures. You have no idea who and what this girl really is. We have text messages of her agreeing to provide pictures and topless training not once but twice several months later as a personal trainer (will post in near future).

The first time she was caught she tried to pretend she was playing games and hustling. It would explain why she puts #hustle on all her pictures. It doesn’t stop there. She sold her body to a guy named Jeremy Lee for money as his sugarbaby for a long long time. After getting back with her ex bf after he gave her a DRD she created this elaborate story on how he didn’t pay her and even was harassing her but when we dug into it and got copies of messages we found out she was lying. Oh man does this Jeremy guy have dirt on her too. Continue Reading

Every Girls Worst Nightmare — Michael Berry

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is MICHAEL (MIKE) BERRY. This guy is every woman’s nightmare!! He is ALL OVER the online dating, TINDER, POF! It is the scariest thing because he will charm the pants off of you, with his “nice guy” appearance, and his career, and his pampering! He will spoil you and buy you gifts, cook for you.. and tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to hear from a man. You will think you’re in love, but its all an act!

This guy is disgusting!! He works out of town in camps, and I can promise you he is messaging chicks to bang in every town he’s in, just to stroke his ego. He will tell you, you are the girl for him, but don’t let that fool you! He will be cheating on you throughout the entire relationship.Continue Reading

Mindy Murray aka Kentucky Toxic

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, drug addicts and diseases filled body sellers can be THE most toxic people you would ever see or meet in this world. No one here in Kentucky has become more toxic than this trash bag drug using, body selling toxic named Mindy Murray. This Kentucky Toxic is one of the most extremely egotistical trash bags that she has this “I’m better than everyone else in the human life” attitude because she is friends with fellow trash bags like Trevor Bishop and Chrissy Mae, two well known toxics here in Covington.

Mindy loves being around these trash bags because they all love the dope, mainly meth and heroin. And would rather chase being around these drug junkies because of it instead of being the one thing that she refused to do… be a mother. Mindy is one of THE MOST pathological lists on social media to where she pulls photos from others accounts and uses them to pretend like she cares about her when she really doesn’t (which is why the screenshot of her saying that she “didn’t get to post the othe day” after she stole it from someone else’s account).

Continue Reading

Trang Setter Of New Orleans, Louisiana

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, is this a her or a him? Trang Setter is fake from head to toe, she recently got an ass implant hoping to steer people from looking at her face. Wonder if her implants flip when she is getting doggy, which is her favorite bc she likes it in the poop, raw, in her word “condoms are a nuisance.”

She hops from Greg to Greg, she is so easy that no one have to wine and dine, just get straight to business. But beware!! This thing had DRD a few times and one of which is incurable. She also loves to date really young boys so she can babysit them and take advantage of them, its like role playing for her. Nik! She don’t look like a Trang Setter, she look more like a TRANSSITTER!

If The Office removed her butt pads — “according to sources” — the fat ass trend must be OVER. I never understood why a woman would want a bigger butt than a man. It makes no logical or mathematical sense.- nik

Laura Murphy Of Austin, Texas

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce everyone to Laura Murphy. She is the worst person. Laura worked as a maternity nurse and would make inappropriate jokes about the babies. She has made jokes about baby’s genitalia. What kind of person would find something like that funny. I can’t stand the sight of her. She is a horrible mother and wife. Laura is a horrible human being. I would never let her touch my kids.

To make matters worse she is a wanna be professor. She is an instructor with a masters who lies about being a professor. She is beyond delusional. Laura also talks about how she doesn’t love her husband anymore and has been over him since she became a mom. This tacky rotten tooth is now a dental hygienist.

How on earth did she go from being a nurse and wanna be professor being a dental hygienist. Her boss must have poor vision. It’s bad for business to hire someone with rotten teeth. She has cheated on her husband and doesn’t seem to feel bad about it at all. I feel bad for that goofy guy because he has no clue what he’s dealing with. Hopefully he makes it out while he can before catching a DRD. I would not allow her to be around children. The inappropriate baby genital jokes just take things too far. Laura Murphy is a total psycho. I hope this nasty bitch never harms any children.

We get it OP… relax. I do have to agree on one thing though- why do people in the dental profession have the worst breath? I’ve never met a dentist who didn’t have bad breath.- nik