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Ashley Graham Is Still Famous For Being Heavy

The Dirty spotted supermodel Ashley Graham departing up the escalator at LAX. She was almost unrecognizable because of her McDonald’s figure, but of course the cameras caught the ‘plus plus’ sized supermodel.

Yes, this is what America has become. We praise the unhealthy.

Please also notice how nice we are in this posting. At no point did we use the word that starts with F and ends with T. That would be discrimination and we cannot hate on the cellulite seen in this video. Stay you Ashley Graham.

Was that politically correct enough for everyone?

Michael Rooker Stars In – ‘Dude, Where’s My Car?: Part 2’

The Dirty can exclusively report that Michael Rooker signed Jean Jacket Guy’s head. Amazing. We have to commend Rooker for understanding the autograph game. That these guys aren’t fans – they’re trying to flip pictures.

Hal Tucker from Cliffhanger was literally chased down in the airport parking lot and Creepy Cotton asked (drilled) him on Guardians of the Galaxy 2’s chances of winning an OSCAR. According to CC, the director of the film is already calling for OSCAR praise. Rooker of course said, “he’s dreaming”.

But it gets better because Rooker couldn’t find his car. Check it out, the video is pretty awesome.

Heidi Klum Shows The Old Hags How It’s Done

Heidi Klum Shows The Old Hags How It’s Done
PR Photos

Yesterday The Dirty showed you how scary Tyra Banks looked at the ‘America’s Got Talent’ up-fronts. Well today we have images of Heidi Klum at the same event and we wanted to compare and contrast.

Obviously, if you clicked on Tyra – she’s the contrast.

Thank you to Heidi Klum for always looking fresh and so clean. You’re living proof that real breasts do exist.

Jasmine Tookes Leaving Mastros With No Backbone

I’m not sure why supermodel Jasmine Tookes didn’t go nuts over the ‘chocolate moose’ comment?

It was 100% racist and she laughed it off as if it was ok.

Jasmine you should of said something. Even if this gentleman was trying to bait you, it doesn’t matter. You should have punched him in the face.

I’m sure Victoria would have supported the violent act.

Mr. T Is On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ For The Underprivileged Children

I’m not a fan of this season’s Dancing With The Stars because I don’t recognize any of the celebrities besides Mr. T (terrible casting). He was amazing as Clubber Lang.

Anyway, why is this man so mad? Mr. T explains he’s dancing for charity, St. Jude and Shriners … I’m guessing 10% will be donated and he’s saying this so people vote for him. Great strategy. People love when you help the children … tears at the heart strings.

If you noticed his facial expressions – he hated the movie Creed.

New ‘America’s Got Talent’ Host Tyra Banks

No words. The images speak for themselves.

Tyra Banks shows off her witchly makeup design in non-flattering lace. WTF!?! I understand she’s trying to make a statement – “Look at me b*tches, I’m employed again”, but seriously … I want to pray for her love life.

Why do I already want Nick Cannon back?
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