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Another Email From Preston Cowley

Another Email From Preston Cowley

EMAIL: Just a heads up i have contacted my lawyer and charges are gonna be pressed … for false statements and herassment and probs more

Funny how u allow fake ass content on your site to try and put a person down just lucky im a bigger person that it dont bug me its the fact u have no permission from myself to have me on your site period and i caught it

Your site should be shut down not even kidding seems like its a big joke anyways who even makes a site to try and bash people thats low life stuff right there

So your legal page can lick my ass tbh my lawyer will be in contact by wed at latest enjoy

Funny how i can prove the person who posted it so id have it removed and asap

Thanks alot preston cowley :)

Next email if not removed will be of legal documents from my lawyer and ill promise that remember im from canada some lawyers here actually give a sh*t about there people ūüĎĆ

Remove the page

Email from Preston Cowley

Email from Preston Cowley

EMAIL:  Yooo

U better get my name off your site i read one more false statement about me trust ill press charges

Dont accecpt fake sh*t from peoppe trying to start beef and lie about everything

My names preston cowley and trust if u dont remove it ill have more then enough people putting down your fake ass site ight not even joking next ill call the cops for herassment got it idfc about your policys u have no rites to even have my name on your sh*tty ass site k

And trust i press charges my baby momma and wack loads of people will be there to stand ground

Im not joking have a good night :)

You have 12 hours to remove my name before a lawyer is contacted :)

Larry Nassar Needs The Electric Chair

Larry Nassar Needs The Electric Chair

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I hope sickos like this see the repercussions of touching little kids. I refuse to let my child to sleepovers or team sports! I hope Larry Nassar burns in HELL!

Larry Nassar, the former USA Gymnastics doctor who sexually abused young athletes under the guise of medical treatment, was sentenced for the second time on Monday to 40 to 125 behind bars, ending a case that continues to have far-reaching repercussions for the sport.

Honestly, I can’t even watch the Olympics anymore… all I will think about is Larry. He ruined Gymnastics for at least 50 years. #Blackmark.- nik

Peaches Renee Sloan aka Renee Baio

Peaches Renee Sloan aka Renee Baio

THE DIRTY ARMY: ¬†Nik, can someone in the Dirty Army please expose Peaches. Last I heard,¬†Scott Baio’s wife¬†was trying to peddle¬†a sex tape and carried a police officer’s badge for VIP access in Hollywood. Sounds like Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend has some fun stories to tell. Nik, you should read out to Tina Jordan to get¬†the 411.

Impersonating a police officer is a crime. I’m sure Renee would never do anything that dumb.- nik