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F-Boy from Iowa

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this 31 year old f**k boy lives in Iowa. Pretends he loves you says it and shows it for awhile then runs away like a little girl. Broken many girls and doesn’t even care. This little Greg, cold hearted f**k boy- girls, stay away.

Vincent McKinney of San Jose

Nik, this guys name is Vincent McKinney and he goes around having unprotected sex with guys he meets online and tells them he’s clean when he truly ISN’T. This guy’s nasty.

Lynnsie Cooley of Phoenix

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick, Lynnsie Cooley, sleeps with married men and is a certified P4P. She screws her Johns with no protection so watch out. She thinks she looks so good, as she posts selfie after selfie on social media but she is total trash! She has junkie track marks and absess scars all over her legs and arms. She ruins lives and kills dreams. Spread the word so she can’t spread the drd.

Beware Guys, Wives And Girlfriends — Ivana Leemet

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, let me introduce everyone to Ivana Leemet. First of all ladies be careful she has no issue sleeping with your man at all, she is P4P in Vancouver. She goes by Mia, she uses people like candy. Ivana will tell all about other meetings with her customers. Just be careful she’s a scammer, talks crap about her friends all the time. She has slept with so many men!

Trust me Ivan doesn’t need to show the face. It’s better for everyone to imagine (for erectile disfunction’s — just looking out for the homies on both sides of the fence).- nik

**Ivan is not a spelling issue… it’s mental issue of mine. Let it go, like Frozen.

Meshel Johnson of Hamilton

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I slept with awhile ago and stupid me did not use a condom. Recently I was not feeling and went to the hospital and found I have hep C, I should have looked my blind folders off because she snorts meth and leaves her 11year old child home alone all night while she runs out and sleeps around and snorts meth

Dave of Windsor

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Dave Cullen. Biggest f**king loser there is. This guy goes on the dating site plenty of fish. POF . Anyways. He’s on disability. Sorry to the ladies who thought he actually had money because he drives a newer camaro. I didn’t even know you can own that kind of car and be on disability. Maybe he didn’t tell his worker about it LOL. Anyways. The guy is a liar. He said he took a course at St. Clair years ago for Human resources. Funny, he’s NEVER had a job in that field. OR any job for that matter. When asked about his last relationship, he says his EX was crazy and apparently they had a son that died prematurely because she abused substances. Nah. Fairy tale BS. He gives women these sob stories so they feel bad for him. He’s got more Greg in his personality then he does in his pants!

Dave, I’m not too sure why you feel like you’re somebody. You ain’t sh*t! You’re the Biggest loser in Windsor. Stop trying to use people to get thru life. Get up, get a job and do something with your sloppy a*s! You’re fully capable of working. Quit milking the system! It’s already f**ked up enough.