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Sarah Silverman Seems Confused

Sarah Silverman was recently interviewed in New York City for Netflix’s Sarah Silverman: A Speck Of Dust and had a rather bizarre answer to as to how the title came about.

“I jut say it at one point in there so I just thought it would be good,” she explains. “It’s kind of ominous but it also puts in perspective that we’re on a rock in outer space. We’re literally nothing. Have a good time.” 

Then, as the clip goes on, she asks, “Wait, what was the question?” It’s as if she’s confused where she is or what she’s doing.

The rest of the clip she continues to share some interesting- albeit odd- commentary.

Sarah, we like you, but we have to admit we’re kind of lost in this clip. And it seems like you are, too… Are you high? We’re asking for a friend.

Diane Kruger- I Have Never Been Paid As Much As A Male Costar In The US

Sadly, even in the modern world, it’s not uncommon for women to be treated different than men… and, according to a recent interview Diane Kruger did, that carries over into Hollywood.

“It depends on you- how you want to be treated and sometimes I’ve certainly made the experience that if I speak up and I don’t sugarcoat things that people think oh you’re harsh or you’re a b***h,” she shared. “Men would be treated as great artists and passionate about their work.”

“It’s a matter of yourself to just create that space and say no,” she continued, “this is where I draw the line. I know that’s sometimes difficult. I certainly have never been paid as much as a male costar in the United States- in France, yes… It is tough.”

We give Kruger credit for speaking so openly about this and hope that, the more conversations that are had surrounding this, the less prevalent it will be.

Tracy Morgan Is In Good Company With Netflix

Comedian Tracy Morgan was recently interviewed regarding his special In Good Company coming to Netflix.

Morgan- who survived a major car accident- noted that, “To walk away from that and I’m staying alive. In the business, in life, I’m just trying to stay in it. And I began after that to tell my story. And thank God Netflix allowed me the freedom to have to tell it.”

“I went into business with Netflix and a year and two month later we came up with this product,” Morgan later states. “I’m in good company with Netflix.”

Tracy, Netflix is absolutely where it’s at right now. You’re definitely in good company. We approve.

Hailey Baldwin Gets Checked Out On Red Carpet

Hailey Baldwin appeared on the red carpet at the De Grisogono Party at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc n Cap d’Antibes, France, and appeared to be getting checked out by someone on the red carpet as seen in the clip above.

While Hailey looks model-esque, with her hair and makeup done and posing flawlessly for photos, it seems a gentleman on the red carpet took notice and can’t help staring in her direction.

Hopefully Hailey doesn’t mind him checking her out, as if she tried to hide from him after her photos were taken, we doubt she’d be successful.

Our advice to the dude in the clip: rather than stare, wait for Hailey to finish having her photo taken/appearing on the red carpet, and then approach her. It would probably be a lot more successful method of starting a conversation as opposed to just staring at her. That’s free advice. You’re welcome.

Elle Fanning Looks Like Nicole Kidman

Actress Elle Fanning, the younger sister of Dakota Fanning, appeared at the Cannes Film Festival… and is it just us, or does Elle look like a younger Nicole Kidman?

Elle rocked a gorgeous, stylish floor length dress, and definitely looked like she fit in on the red carpet.

Elle, you’ve got a bright future ahead of you. We said so.

Mischa Barton Looking Good

While Mischa Barton has definitely had her share of issues in the past, when she appeared at the 70th celebration red carpet at Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France, she looked good.

Not only did she appear extremely well put together, but Barton- who had been hospitalized in the past for mental evaluation- looked well.

Mischa, healthy is a good look on you. Keep up whatever you’re doing. It’s working.