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FRAUD for ‘VIP concert tickets’ — Brandon Lynn

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, warning to the dirty army – Brandon Lynn (ovo) is a fraud. He claims to sell VIP concert tickets to see well-known celebrities, but fails to follow through with providing the tickets. Many have paid outrageous prices to him in advance, only to discover that it is all a scam when he fails to respond to phone calls and fails to deliver the tickets AFTER receiving the payment. Do not fall for his false promises; he is a liar!!

The two aluminum plated chains on his neck didn’t make you think, “maybe this guy is shady”. Who raised you?- nik


Randall White of Dallas, Texas

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this creep is Randall White. Scam artist extraordinaire, and not a very good liar. Should probably only work on projects that don’t involve publicly available election filings.


Jennifer Harvey Of San Diego, California

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok gang, careful of this chick — she’s fat, chunky monkey style, farts at restaurants, and loves to stalk people. No joke. She stalks men and women. She’s a crazyyyyy person and you should watch out –trust me– she loves to play games with people and rumor has it that this chick never made it to college. Yep –she’s number one in San Diego– just all the desperate men!

There’s nothing wrong with farting in restaurants… I always fart in public places to feel one with the masses. My favorite place to fart is the line at FIVE GUYS. Usually pre-game to cleanse the air flow.- nik


Sushi Roku Waitress Amanda Carpenter Has Sex With Managers

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Newport Beach Sushi Rokus’ management is A LOT like UBER’s management which is making headlines right now only ten times worse the midget GM Eiji Mori is a creepy predator. The all male management team sexually harasses the living hell out of all the waitresses and nothing is ever done about it because all the managers you could report it to are partaking in the harassment.

Despite managers coming onto waitresses and making them uncomfortable every shift the only girl to ever sleep with any of them is a riff raff redneck retard named Amanda Carpenter who grew up in a trailer park in the slums of Riverside. I swear to you karma is real because all three managers she slept with caught DRDs (the clap among other things) from her which they found out during their most recent doctors visits.

The only reason why they kept Amanda for so long -who’s a simpleton white supremacist who especially hates jewish and black people- is because she was the only girl on the planet who would actually have sex with the managers. The culture of this Newport Beach restaurant which allowed Amanda to be as racist and offensive as she wanted yet would fire waitresses for complaining about sexual harassment from managers or complaining about not getting management positions had to change so hopefully this is the tipping point.

If this is the location in Fashion Island, they make the worst California Rolls. How hard is it to get good artificial crab these days? Plus, they never have hot chicks hanging out… just PIMCO losers.- nik


Ms. Angie Ang — Just Another Asian IG Model

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here’s Ms. Angie Ang, this girl is on lip stick alley and they say she’s some groupie hmmm… rumors say some baller paid for her boob and butt job and she’s living the life… anyone know what this chick does? Just so curious how do these IG models sustain this kind of lifestyle they sustain??

Why do you ask questions you already know the answers too? So annoying.- nik


Emily Chantal Bruyere of Winnipeg

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Natasha Spence is her FB name- she has about 8 different Facebooks if not more. She probably uses 3 of them regularly, is a very convincing liar, and will manipulate you for your money. She’s on welfare and has one kid and struggles to support her. She talks to multiple guys manipulating them for cash, is a pepsi addict when she gets drunk, flirts with any guy family is drug addicts all on welfare doing anything to support drug addiction. Don’t trust her- she will only lie and use you for money. She talks to many guys off different Facebook accounts, text me apps, phone and online dating apps. If you come across this girl run away while you still have cash or drugs- will rob you in you’re sleep then claim her mom did it. She uses her ex foster parent for her home and food for her daughter so she can spend her money all on drugs, currently is pregnant, father is unknown and currently has DRD…says she has social anxiety and is very shy when meeting new people but is a lie. Will sleep with any random guy off the street. I met her because she randomly knocked on my apartment door intoxicated and asked to bang. She has many social media accounts to communicate with guys and girls of her choice for money and pleasure.