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EXCLUSIVE: Jenelle Evans Refusing To Film About Briana DeJesus Joining Cast

EXCLUSIVE: Jenelle Evans Refusing To Film About Briana DeJesus Joining Cast

It was recently divulged that Briana DeJesus, a former star of MTV’s now cancelled Teen Mom 3 is supposedly joining the cast of Teen Mom 2 as a full time cast member. This is an odd move for MTV, as they have never “added” to their cast in the past, and have always had the same four women on the show.

Since the announcement was made, rumors have sprung up that some of the women are angry regarding DeJesus joining the show.

Earlier this morning, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans quoted one of the stories regarding this on Twitter and wrote that, “how you’re quoting something and saying it’s me when I never commented about this issue to begin with?! How do I really feel?! #FakeNews.” Continue Reading


Aaron Hernandez Could Beat Double Murder Charge After Star Witness Potentially Lied Under Oath

Aaron Hernandez might actually beat his double murder charge after all according to new reports that have surfaced. 

Earlier in the week, the prosecution’s star witness in the Hernandez’s double murder trial, Alexander Bradley, testified that Hernandez shot him in the face and left him to die. This comes seven months after Bradley claims he witnessed the former Patriots tight end murder both Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado in a fatal shooting back in 2013.

On Thursday, Hernandez’s lawyer Jose Baez introduced a deleted text message Bradley sent in 2013 to his lawyer suggesting he was not certain who had shot him in the face.

While  Hernandez might actually get off because of this new piece of evidence that has been brought up, Hernandez will still be behind bars for the rest of his life after he was found guilty of murder in a separate case last year.


EXCLUSIVE: Michael Lohan Slams MTV Reporter For Suggesting Lindsay Lohan’s Show Is Bullying

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Lohan Slams MTV Reporter For Suggesting Lindsay Lohan’s Show Is Bullying

Recently, it was announced that Lindsay Lohan is working on a new show entitled The Anti-Social Network Show. The premise of the show will revolve around Lohan “hijacking” your social media for 24 hours and you having three challenges to complete in order to earn some prizes.

Hilary Hughes, a writer for MTV, wrote an article about it, noting that, “Cyber-bullying is no joke, and there’s not a whole lot of entertainment value to be found in stealing someone’s identity, online or otherwise — unless you’re Lindsay Lohan, apparently!”

We talked exclusively to Lohan’s father, Michael Lohan, who slammed what Hughes was saying.

“It’s really sad that people like Hilary Hughes at MTV would take a jab at Lindsay over her new show idea,” he exclusively told us.

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Shay Mitchell And Ashley Benson Try To Take The Perfect Selfie

You can tell Ashley Benson is concerned about her light and facial angle. Most girls who take selfies are so inconsiderate of their friends. It’s obvious Shay Mitchell is making sure her cleavage and jawline are perfect for the shot.

Ashley Benson, who has gained 12 pounds (I can tell) probably for a movie role … needs to be more aggressive and demand deletion. This is unacceptable.


EXCLUSIVE: Fetty Wap Involved In NJ Shoot Out, Attorney Speaks

EXCLUSIVE: Fetty Wap Involved In NJ Shoot Out, Attorney Speaks

Yesterday morning, rapper Fetty Wap was involved in a shoot out in New Jersey where he reportedly was robbed. The situation- which occurred around 5 AM- involved some money and a piece of jewelry being taken from Wap. Next, gunshots broke out, and three people thought to be involved ended up getting hospitalized.

While no reports have been able to confirm if Wap was involved in the shooting or not, we did reach out to his attorney, Navarro Gray. 

When asked about the reports that have been circulating, Gray told us, “Thanks for reaching out. We are not making any comment at the moment.”

We have asked Gray to follow up with us if they decide to make a comment, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted.


Lisa Rinna On The Run When Confronted About Xanax Smoothies

While Lisa Rinna‘s lips and 90’s hair are always firmly in place, it seems she’s on the run – when confronted about “xanax smoothies” at least.

As you can see in the video clip above, Rinna does answer the reporter when asked about sunglasses she received on the red carpet. When confronted about the “xanax smoothie” comment she made on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, though, Rinna simply shouts “bye” and dodges the reporter.

Personally, we’re over the “xanax smoothies” at this point, and far more interested in the question she asked Dorit Kemsley about cocaine on last week’s episode. That story’s more of an upper than a downer anyway!

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