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McDonalds WHORES (throw me a cheese burger)

McDonalds WHORES (throw me a cheese burger)

THE DIRTY ARMY: Louisiana’s biggest transvesite and mega sl*t in the same picture….omg my eyes are starting to bleed uhoh no wait its my nose bleeding from the supreme tuna cat. Jessica to the left will work for nuggets. (is she from a mansion or the trailor park)??? who the f*ck knows. Jess stop tripping that bebe stopped selling double extra large. Stephanie hit every boyy click in the dell THATS WHY SHE A GROUPIE. BUT WAIT ALL BULL SHIT ASIDE, jess please be true to your sexuallity and take your d*ck out for steph to suck, she ready to spread the clap.

I’m not sure if that’s green underwear, or some kind of fungus.- nik

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