With the latest buzz with LeAnn Rimes and her alleged affairs, TheDirty Army had to do some digging get the real dirty facts.

LeAnn Rimes’ husband, Dean “Rainbow” Sheremet, is a bonafide homosexual. As you would expect, LeAnn has been careful to cover up his homosexuality for years so it doesn’t create some major public embarrassment for her. At TheDirty we call a hot chick like LeAnn covering up the fact that her man bats for The Gays a “Beard”! LeAnn you are a sweet goatee.

Confirmed sources say that on several occasions they have witnessed Dean (or Rainbow as we now call him) making out with and performing fellatio on make-up artist, Neil Robertson. Neil was a fresh make up artist out of the adult industry and was on tour and did appearances with LeAnn for almost 2 years.  Go figure! Real job security!

So with the latest gossip regarding LeAnn’s possible infidelity, this story really hits home… Cat’s out of the bag so to speak… Come on, she has to get it somewhere!  LeAnn you, Katie Price and Katie Holmes are the hottest “Beards” out there!  TheDirty loves you!

**Katie Holmes, we call you the ZZ Top.