Matt Leinart (Az Cardinals) and Nick Lachey (Have Been) contributing to the delinquency of minors.

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DIRTY ARMY intel: Nik I do not have their exact birth dates but I do know that all of the girls graduated high school in 2006, putting them all between 19 and 20. The girl in between lachey and the other guy graduated from reno high in 2006 and was in my little brothers class, her name is Courtney Halki and there is no way that she is 21. I don’t really have much else for you but I will find out as much as I can.

Things The DIRTY have verified:

Courtney Elizabeth Halki (age 20 beer bong myspace profile below, this idiot made a picture from this night as her profile pic- same dress and beer pong set up) is a student at ASU. Liv Fierro (age 19 her bebo profile below was a blonde, but now short brown hair in blue big top), Chelsea Antoniono, and Karley Davis (in spa left of Matt zebra top- sophomore from Downers Grove, IL her myspace says in a relationship and ASU nursing major) were three of the other girls in the pictures. Still digging up more dirt so please email me with any info on the ladies pictured.

Well at least the young girls of ASU know that they can always go over to Matty’s house if their fake IDs don’t work. Plus free booze and college drinking games… Nick you are 34 years old, just wanted to remind you of the 14 year age gap once you read this (TROUT). Hi Vanessa! Love you! Thanks for letting Nick play.- nik


nickzoombeerpong1.jpg pictu78tghjfytr5telivre-2.jpg




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