And the award for “best fist” in a short college career goes to?


Josh Lewis


Defensive End




High SchoolSeton Catholic HS

HometownGilbert, Ariz.





This guy plays for the UofA football team. If you watch the video the girl is clearly saying NO even though she seems intoxicated. You can also here a girl in the background screaming to STOP. Thanks Fox 10 for running the story of him being suspended and not giving us a plug for breaking the story. Dirty Army, what do you thin of the video?- nik

EMAIL: Nik if I were you I’d ask your dirty army to send in more from this! There was about 3 of us all laughing & taking pictures. I had to get moving before getting trampled haha, but the other people taking pictures might have got shots of them once both of their fat asses fell off of that chair.

Black people love their white meat. There is nothing you can do about it. The mass crowds of students do not exist… deep fister.- nik