THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I am going to go out on a limb and say I have the biggest picture EVER submitted to THEDIRTY.COM.  And when I say biggest I don’t mean biggest media attention wise, I mean biggest for the real DIRTY ARMY.  I have been saving this picture for a while now but I feel the time is right to EXPOSE what Kelli aka Leper looks like when she is not on drugs!  Nik, I hate to inform you but those guys who think Leper is hot didn’t know it but they were going hogging.  LEPER MINUS C*KE = OVER 200 LBS!  The proof is in the picture.  I know that in this picture Leper weighted *** pounds!  GROSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

Anybody that has ever rubbed it out to this chick in life has been totally scammed. Sorry no take backs, go throw up and brush your teeth. I haven’t had a breakthrough picture like this since the fall of RichieRexic. The person who can guess her exact weight in this image will get a free t-shirt from me.- nik

**One person is really close… you are one pound off.