I have just received an official email from Lisa Love (Vice president of University Athletics) that as of yesterday April 30th ASU’s Marketing Department has decided due to recent events of inappropriate behavior by the Cheer Squad (link to this post was enclosed in email), THEY DECIDED TO CUT THE CHEER PROGRAM COMPLETELY.

EMAIL Excerpt: NO cheer squad next year at ANY football, basketball or other sporting event games. The only form of “cheer squad” that will remain is the megaphones and signs. Which will not be called the cheerleaders, but instead “Sparky’s Crew.”

This is harsh… over underwear? Well I am not sure what you want me to say? I just put up the pictures people send me, so if you are trying to cast blame on the DIRTY ARMY or myself you are mistaken. Let’s make love not war!- nik


Introducing to the world- The ASU Cheerleading squad!

**Not to be mistaken for the Softball team**

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