Kobe you are next…. and yes, Shaq that is really you.


If I was Shaq in Vegas I would choose PINK, but if I was Nik in Vegas with an assault rifle to my nuts I would choose BLUE.

THE DIRTY ARMY intel: Nik how bout’ this- The guy in the photo below the pink arrow in the PINK shirt – His name is ERIC FESSLER from Long Island NY:


AZCENTRAL.COMThis quote is from Tempe chief of Police Tom Ryff – “Shaq specializes in these Internet crimes, and he is mainly about education, both for young people and for parents,” Ryff said. “His message to kids is about the dangers of the net and his message to parents is about proper supervision of their children using the Internet.” But Ryff says he also hopes to use O’Neal’s expertise “as a forensic computer investigator in the crimes against children unit we’re setting up.”