Fake Scissor Gang Mafia

TMZ.com: Posted May 26th 2008 1:12PM

“TMZ has obtained a cease and desist letter that Kobe Bryant’s attorney fired off to the owners of a website that accused the NBA star of having an affair with a Lakers cheerleader. Is it too late to bet on the Spurs?”

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Kobe I just tell it how it is… stick to basketball and let me stick to sex. Quote from Kobe’s myspace in the SGM pic above, title of the picture reads: “My one and only love.” Which Vanessa? I am confused?- nik

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**Next week… Everyone has heard of the “Mitchell Report” in Baseball… but have you heard of the “Richie Report”… details to come. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.**

I am assuming Kobe’s Beef will be on TMZ TV tonight. Can’t wait to see their thoughts on the issue. Now can I just enjoy my holiday for a second please. Where is my red cup?- nik