EMAIL: Hey Nik!

First time e-mailer…I think your site makes pretty much every day for me so thanks for all the hard work. Just wanted to make sure you know you can still get to Vanessa’s page if you just copy the other address formats and manipulate it to be her’s.

No longer! She is totally deleted. And guess what I just found out – the Laker Girls all receive bonuses when the team makes the playoffs. So… right now Vanessa Curry is unemployed and making no money because she decided to RESIGN (forgoing that bonus money)! Weird how that works. Good thing the rest of the Laker Girls have big mouths… (hint hint). Lisa Estrada get your girls in check. I know you already held at least one team meeting to tell them not to speak to anyone about Vanessa.- nik

EMAIL FRIEND FROM HAYWARD: Nik I’ve seen her at a Warrior game met her and she told me that the only reason she was able to go was because Kobe paid for her flight! I made a joke about Kobe and his previous allegations and implied the same thing was going on with Kobe and her. She replied by pleaing me not to say anything!!!!!!!!!!