Natalie Linbloom – master manipulator

THE DIRTY ARMY: Natalie Lindbloom, watch out for this chick residing in the Manchester, Aurburn New Hampshire area. not only is she a master manipulator but shes will sleep with your boyfriend etc. At 25 she works taking care of elderly and disabled… on the side she sells drugs, fraudulently gets money and sleeps with anything that gets her ahead, gives her something she wants or fits her plans to fck up someones life. She never does anything without a benefit to herself so be careful when dealing with this girl. She makes you believe she is sweet and innocent and would never mistreat anyone or cheat but thats where the manipulation comes in. Don’t fall into the pitch black dark hole of Natalie linbloom because she will drag you down no matter how nice she may seam.

Chunky Cheater

THE DIRTY ARMY: Heather was about to get married and cheated on her fiance with a black dude. They both work at rent a center. Both are store managers. Troy is the manager for the chico branch and Heather is the Manager for the West Sac store. Both thought that lies to their friends and family was an ok decision. And Troy was even invited to the wedding. Where he was supposed to cause a sense. Who does that. Both are the biggest pieces of shit. and both have had multiple partners and drd’s.. Neither believe that protection is necessary. I wouldn’t trust either of them with a tic tac. Both have been serial cheaters. They have never been faithful to anyone that they have ever been with

Homewrecking Bird

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this hooker let me tell you cheats on her bf and gf. She is a bi-sexual tranny looking slut who is desperate and mean enough to uck anything that walks in front of her. I would highly suggest not to otuch her with a 10 foot pole otherwise she might just try and rape you. She is a highschool dropout who uses people to get into their relationships. She is the walking plague. She will come into your nice home and steal everything you have. She is like a bloodsucking leech who sux everything out of you that’s good. Don’t bring her home men she will take everything you have and destroy you and leave you lingering with her fowl tatse. She is a cockroach who needs to be squashe immediately when enetering or near your home. beware you have been warned of this homewrecking whore of a plague!!

Dick Dope Dealer

THE DIRTY ARMY: My ex boyfriend Philip Anderson is a desperate ass dope Fein loser. He claims he is like God or something to all the dirty hoes in the 5-3-0. He is so desperate he used me for 3 years never once paid rent admitted to sleeping with girls behind my back in my apartment that I was paying for. Eating pusy to another desperate ass dirty cracked out bagwhore from grass valley with the nickname of pipe wipes who supposedly goes around sucking pipes till there’s nothing left and only getting fucked by the most desperate men in the dope houses around town. this mother fucker is so dirty and low he will smile in your face then turn around and fck his homies ex gfs and your best friend and her little sister all without you knowing while playing it off as if nothing ever happened. this loser right here should definitely be made as a rad flag. ladies pleaseif you have any morals or standards stay away from this dirty scumbag. he is also notorious for getting girls high on crank and fucking the shit out of them and then dumping them off in sac somewhere. he’s the next best thing to a serial killer. ladies be on the lookout for this loser and dudes please don’t introduce him to your woman or he will for surely fuk her behind you back causing many a disease to spread around. God if I only knew what a fuking desperate ass loser this little boy was I never would have hooked up with him. he decides to rub every scandalous thing he has done in my face since we broke up and its not cool.

I Don’t Get The Obsession With Gold Digger Amanda Dufner


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I don’t understand the obsession with Amanda Dufner and why guys think she is so hot? Next to Jason, yes. In the real world, no. I look at her IG and all the comments are from guys telling her how amazingly hot she is… she is a 4 in my book. All she does is party and shop on his dime and he is rarely seen with her. Weird. She is the trashiest golf wife to date, I feel bad for Jason. Amanda, have some class about yourself and stop throwing it in people’s faces that you are a gold digger!!

Those +2’s saved her life.- nik

Kevin Lee Thompson

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kevin Lee Thompson.. The BEST known douchebag who is famous not only for getting 6 different girls pregnant but.. SOLD one of his babies and made the others get abortions when they refused to help him sell the babies! Left his friend laying on the side of the hospital after giving him too much cocaine to run away from the cops! Neglected and RAN and HID from all the girls he has gotten pregnant because he is too broke to pay for any medical care.. because he spends that money on dinner with the NEXT chick he gets pregnant… Alison, Mandy, Mo, Hind, Angela.. They can ALL warn you to STAY away from this guy! What would YOU think of a guy who’s been dating a girl with a KID and sleeping with 10+ other women at the same time AND getting few of them pregnant?? But then avoids them to go partying.. and doing ALL sorts of drugs off other girls?? A psychotic guy who is so selfish and FORCES himself into girls after they say NO.. VERY famous for impregnating numerous girls… He has a kid on the way.. AGAIN.. but he doesn’t want to take responsibilities unless the girl agrees to sell the baby so he can buy his other condo at The View! He was more pregnancy tests he bought off groupon than he does of condoms! Cant expect more from a guy who forces himself into girls and makes them pregnant on purpose.. but left EVERY SINGLE on by themselves to deal with it! He says its a HOBBY for him and that he’s not too worried.. wait… is that normal????? He said his parents taught him to do what he does… whoa… is this real life??

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