Jessi Thompson Is A Real American Hero

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I’m so proud of my friend Jessi Thompson. She is now six month recovered from Anorexia, in her own words: “This month marks my 6th year recovered from #anorexia. I officially have been in #recovery for as long as I was #sick. And up 50+ pounds. (That number still makes me nauseas but hey it’s a process). Still haven’t quite grasped the whole “be comfortable with the skin your in” deal but I’m getting there. Here’s to another 6 healthy 6 years.” Jessi you look so beautiful now, you are a hero to all young women. We love you.

Congrats Jessi Thompson. Go Clemson!- nik

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Sergeant Tina

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this hoe needs to be put on blast. Aside from Tina sleeping with 99% of our fine armed forces and using the uniform to find guys to open her legs to, this attention whore is a recruiter! What a joke! Just another washed-up military hoe, what do you think nik?

Is that headband racist?? I can’t tell.- nik

Watch Out For The ‘Poor Me’ Guy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sean pretends to be a devoted family man; all the while Sean’s true intentions are to get laid. Sean play’s the “family guy” hard to reel women in, by taking them out for nice meals, pretending to be interested in their lives all for the gain of Sean getting his daily lay. The words out of his mouth are true: His ex is NUTS. He does not have his shit together at all, and he is double lying no good dealing scum bag.

The poor me with an open wallet routine…classic.- nik

Beware of this Psychotic cunt

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I just wanted to tell everyone beware of this girl . I felt sorry for her for soo long with her hard luck story .She parties I mean who doesnt right ?? , but she is unstable and she cant handle it she has paranoid Psychotic delusional episodes. At first I felt sorry for her because she gave me this story she had all this shit happen to her . She claims to have been Molested and at the age of 37 still fcks her she has other men in her family who are pervs as well but she still messes around with them to get what she wants all while trying to hide it and act like a decent person. Her whole family is just like the epitome of the worst kind trailer trash incest runs rapid with them but they just so happen to be west-siders who live in the suburbs because of the way they act but do not be fooled . One would never suspect.Beware of her because she will cry and cry about how she has been abused but she will turn around and call her step dad to give her money for drugs as she exchanges blow jobs or what ever for this , She says she hates it but I think she is sick and likes fcking him.She says she has an abusive family and this may be but at the age of 37 one should have the pride and decency to stand up for ones self . She is just as bad as the perverts herself. I often wonder if she would repeat weirdness like this on a younger person. I am warning anyone who dates her not to let her around your children or your children around her family . She is an absolute mess, she is a habitual liar and cannot differentiate the differences between what she lies about and the truth. She like to affirm her heterosexuality but psychotic straight women with issues that corner you while you are alone and they feel you up and do creepy things to you then freak out about it later with ranting about how straight they are or even doing something psychotic to you after she makes out with you like vandalize your stuff or follows you and a boyfriend around in a jealous rage but still affirms how straight she is. This is laughable because she is so sick confused and twisted !!!. Beware if you are a female she will lure you with her drugs and nice body but then she will have an emotional flip out and emotionally drain you with her tough luck story . Beware if you are a man because she happens to go after men that are overweight unattractive and that she can manipulate and boss them around I have watched her rob men defraud them and treat them as something disposable all while laughing after her phone calls to them . The picture I have attached is a mug shot because she did time for aggravated robbery.( all of course she claims is because she was with the wrong man) -Maybe that is true but she is spineless yet manipulative at the sometime. Do not fall for her sob stories she will try to suck you in with this. If you are a girl and she tries to make out with you be very careful because she takes rejection badly and will try to get revenge on you for hurting her feelings she is the same way with men and does not take rejection well.You will also note that she has a yellowish tinge to her , that is because she was hep c positive. she has no problem or regard for getting her bodily fluids on you and exposing you . I speak from personal experience . I think she does this because she wants people to get it as well . She has a sense of entitlement like the things in the world that have been done to her that everyone owes her and does not care who she affects or hurts on her path to self destruction . Beware if you think it would be a thrill to party with her one night. She is known for ripping people off then leaving the mess falling in your lap or even blaming the scam on you . She like to lie and say one of her kids d**d or a family member died to get drinks , drugs or a woman’s love or a man to pamper her and or sympathy any thing for sympathy really it’s quite sad – don’t fall for it this is her main story line. She uses those who show her sympathy and take care of her just as she does with the others with no regard , no conscious and no regret she is a predator . when I think of her I think of how she has made using sympathy as a weapon she is sick beware.

Her nose and saggy cheek (singular) makes her looks like a fighter.- nik

Dirty Describes Her Best

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This horse left a guy named Rhett for his cousin. A h**oin addict only at the age of 19. She has fcked many of guys in our town and has continued to another town st elmo. She dresses like a whore and her attire explains it all.. She likes to talk shit on certain people then befriend them because she is PLASTIC, HARD SHINY PLASTIC. She is trash, boys look at her and want her…. ass. She needs to realize she isn’t shit. But I guess she is a piece of shit haha. Tear her apart.

Her face looks like a catchers mitt.- nik

Just Needed To Say Thanks

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, just wanted to say thank you for helping me to turn my life around. I went to college where I quickly took to partying and gained a ton of weight like most girls do. For the longest time I denied it, thought I was still hot, and still wore my non-fitting clothes. Because I had become fat and insecure, I was acting like a sloot to compensate for my appearance. I would get blackout drunk many times a week and act like a total frat rat out at parties with sleazy guys who didn’t give two sh*ts about me. Many of my peers did not respect me, but, more importantly, I was not respecting myself.  I found your site, and was both fascinated and disgusted by how you were criticizing people; your honesty is completely brutal and at first I thought you were nothing but cruel.  Eventually I realized that you were just being truthful rather than saying what people wanted to hear; while it may be unfortunate, the world is a shallow place. I knew I would end up on your site if I didn’t change how I was letting the years pass by. Luckily it wasn’t too late for me. I started to lose all the weight, and am now smaller than I ever was in high school. I look and feel great, and stopped acting out and being a bottle rat. I became a leader on campus, am set to graduate early, and have a boyfriend who cares about me and is proud of me. My family is no longer disappointed and loves to talk about my accomplishments. Thank you for giving me a second chance and allowing me to make the most of my life. It’s a shame that your site gets more bad press than good. People who get posted should take it as a chance to change how they are living their lives, rather than trash you for making them aware of their actions. Thanks again! PS: Congrats on your beautiful baby girl.

Nobody likes reality checks… that is why 2% of the world hates me.- nik

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