SD Sloots

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tina “slutty” Strangefield and Ratchet” Rebecca Turner hahahahhaha These two dumb, beat, fcking anorexic, looking cunts think they can rave. They had no reason to be at LED. Fakes cant rave with us!!! You girls did do the drugs, yeah, but u are most definitely not even close to being considered true ravers. LED was your first rave, congrats!, now hang up the possibility of you two living that life style. YOU AINT, NOR NEVER WILL BE, rEADY TO LIVE LIFE. P.S. FCK CLAYTON FOSTER

Ashley Venus

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ashley venus is on drugs! shes a musician and her songs make no sence. her most recent song “raised by wolves” is nothing more than overlapping vocals and repetitive guitar rifts. she will be the next ke$ha to “enter rehab” for a “eating disorder”. If you ever meet this girl the first thing she will say to you is “do you smoke”? this girl needs help shes nothing but a pot head.

Marilyn wouldn’t need photoshop.- nik

Would You With Rachel

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, use to work with girl, I think she is a stripper in RI, anyways everyone thinks shes gorgeous and she acts so snobby, I dont see it, do you?

If she was any kinda decent someone woulda bought her +2’s by now.- nik

What Is It With Angelina Jolie

THE DIRTY ARMY: I never understood what people see in Angelina Jolie.  I noticed she’s got a pretty weird body.  Her arms are too long and her upper torso seems too small.  Not to mention her veiny arms and forehead.  Looking for photos on the net now to illustrate this point I realised there aren’t any bikini shots so she seems to know it too.  Just wanted to know what someone like you, who has an eye for this things, thought of her?

Angelina’s face has always been her money maker. She is hype glorified.- nik

Miss Beauty

Miss Beauty

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I see her around all the time at college parties. She’s so beautiful in person and her personality is great, I don’t think I’ve heard one bad thing out her I know I would but would you??

Not getting enough gregs are we…why would you ever post yourself with that double lip line.- nik

Stud Life

Stud life

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy is a straight up STUD just look at the hot chick on his arm.

I hate to break it too you but that is a man.  Look how huge all her features are.- nik

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