EXCLUSIVE: Peter Gunz- I Hope Older Rappers Will See How Amazing Drake Is

Last night at the Billboard Music Awards, we reported how Drake won a record 13 awards including Top Artist.

We caught up exclusively with legendary rapper Peter Gunz who shared his thoughts with us on Drake’s big winnings last night.

Gunz shared that, “(I) was a fan of Drake before my son Cory Gunz signed to Young Money.”

“I hope at some point the older rappers will get how amazing this young man is,” Gunz added.

“Those awards are well deserved,” he wrapped with telling us.

We’re big Drake fans and we agree that the awards were definitely well deserved and he’s getting the recognition he should be. We also feel like it’s nice to see rappers who have been in the game for a while supporting today’s rappers.

We look forward to seeing what’s next for both artists and, if we do say so ourselves, would love to see a Drake/Gunz collab. You heard it here first.


Drake Wins Record Number Of Awards At Billboard Music Awards

Last night, the Billboard Music Awards took place. While there were many big names in attendance, rapper Drake was a big winner for the evening, getting 13 awards. This makes a record for the most number of awards one in one evening at the Billboard Music Awards.

Here are the categories Drake won in:

  • Top Artist
  • Top Male Artist
  • Top Billboard 200 Artist
  • Top Hot 100 Artist
  • Top Song Sales Artist
  • Top Streaming Songs Artist
  • Top Rap Artist
  • Top Rap Tour
  • Top Billboard 200 Album
  • Top Rap Album
  • Top Streaming Song (Audio)
  • Top R&B Song
  • Top R&B Collaboration

That is a massive amount of wins for any artist. We’ve been big Drake fans for a while, though, so we can’t say we’re surprised.

Check out the above event capsule clip that shows Drake, Celine Dion, and more!

Congrats, Drake!