THE DIRTY ARMY: Yo Nik, What do you think of them??

All I see are a bunch of shims.- nik

NRP Episode 12  –  Charlie Sheen Exposed - Kacey Jordan Tells All

Just days after Charlie Sheen announced that he is HIV positive; pornstar Kacey Jordan shares her detailed sexual encounter with Charlie during his days of addiction and ‘Tiger Blood.’ Kacey explains why she chose to abort their possible unborn child.

The Human Cheeto


THE DIRTY ARMY: So Human Cheeto Lives in Boise, Idaho. She works at hooters. Her tan is as fake as her hair. Her name is Jacquelyn. She moves through guys as fast as she does tanning lotion. I personally think she is just looking for her babies daddy. Yes, this orange-tastic thing reproduced. i wonder if her baby will have a spray tan for her first day of school?

Human Cheeto please read the comments… people are saying you are Orange for a reason.  It is time for change.- nik

Man Love


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is what camping with Nathan is like.  A lot of man love, this guy is definitely for the gays, I would not wanna pass out anywhere near this guy.  This dude gets an attitude with everybody and gets super fiesty when you call him g*y, he should embrace it and become a happy g*y guy.

A touch of downs and for the gays? Life definitely f*cked you over.- nik

Light Up Greg

The only thing that would make this better is if a Reindeer was licking it.- nik

Why The War In Iraq Is Taking So Long

It’s like training to train a group of kids with downs.- nik

Ending Of Se7en Done By Stuffed Animals

Gweneth Paltrow looks even more like a Shim than I remembered.- nik

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