John de Nugent

THE DIRTY ARMY: I am Henrik Holappa, a Finnish activist and author for our European heritage and freedom. I am writing from Oulu, Finland. John de Nugent still promotes his supposed support for me on his blog. He uses me as a claim to fame of his own dedication to our people. In fact it is all a big lie. I have stayed silent on this far because I can’t stand division among supposed fighters for European Heritage, but I have been so appalled by John de Nugents evil, Jewish-lies, and his base attacks on Don Black and David Duke, Willis Carto and others, that I have to disassociate myself from this person who I truly believe is a paranoid Schizophrenic, a bipolar (which he himself has claimed), mentally ill person who is now doing exactly what the ADL wants – an attack on some of the hardest working and best leaders for our people in the world. John De Nugent puts my name on the front page of his blog and promotes himself as someone who helped me when I was in America, when the true fact is that John De Nugent used me to advance his own agenda, he collected money from patriots for my defense fund when my lawyers and I did not receive a penny, He extracted from me what little money I had and actually tried to convince my sister to get my bank account Internet access information and passwords so he steal money from my accounts…..Cont here.…Do America a favor Nik and put this lunatic on blast!!

Do me a favor and learn how to summarize…click here for the rest of the novel

Devan Chavez

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi there nik, Where to begin. This girl Devan Chavez plays to be mom of the year. Wrong this girl needs to be put on blast. If a good mom is taking your son to every party you go to, and having your son sleep next to you while dudes are fuking her. Oh that screams good mom. This bitch don’t care to fck someone else’s man while they have a lady. But still fault in the guy. This chick fucked the whole crew. I guess its something easy. Idono what they see I would be running away just like her teeth are trying to escape her mouth. This bitch needs to stay at home take care of her son and not fuck every guy she meets the first night. That’s why your man left you bitch cause you are dirty. The teeth tell all sucking all those dicks. The homie got herpes from her. Gross. All you have to do is ask all of NVK they will tell you. Uhhh bitch needs work done. Looks like snookie . Please nik put this bitch on blast.

Sleeze Bag

THE DIRTY ARMY: I got a few things to say about this girl, I hate the bitch shes a cr*ck whore, c*ke head whatever you want to call her, she claims she doesn’t do it but apparently from what I heard from her ex boyfriend who used to date my friend and just got back with my friend, this hoe apparently spent 900 dollars on c*ke and she doesn’t have her daughter with her either, she fcks anything that walks shes a liar and a cheater, how about this hoe grow the f*ck up get a job get off welfare and try and get your daughter back you stupid c*nt, have fun getting a disease which u probably have hahaha hoe oh and get some real hair

Even with the pasteling effect we can still tell you live in a basement.- nik

Zainab Elfilthy

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK, PLEASE PLEASE PUT THIS DIRTY TRANNY LOOKING TRASHBOX ON BLAST!! This is “Zainab Elfil” but in the area shes known as”filTHY” this heffa is putting on a front! she is an std infested,musty smelling import from dubai! she travels from dubai to the US and thinks shes some huge “jetsetter” she looks like a tranny body-wise and her face is hideous! she has such a disgusting attitude and she picks fights with females in the washington area!!! when will dubai stop exporting trash! her attitude is disgusting and she spends her time putting on a front for her conservative family/relatives but comes to washington and brags about her “encounters”! what guy would want to screw with her ugly face? NIK, WOULD YOU!!!

Dubai eh…Must be a recruiter (porta pots).- nik

DA International

THE DIRTY ARMY: Met This gal on a flight back from bog col. we chatted 4 hrs then had dinner.She called me everyday for 10 months(I called back)told me to but her a ticket so I said buy it Ill give you cash when u get here..So she flies in,kinda cold,strange so she says her friend is in town (guy)She spends one night he blows up my phone 10 times and shes gone the same day..No call no nothing..

If that rail wasn’t there she’d be toppling over. fho sho.- nik

Kelly haliti

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirty little slut is a liar and a cheater. She’s addicted to alcohol and drugs and she’s has a long term Adel Smajlovic. My buddy caught her red handed sleeping with another guy after they had been dating for two years. We just recently found out she has DRD so hopefully the other guy got it. This Slore is going to be posted regularly Nik so get used to her ugly face. She has to starve herself occasionally just to lose weight. She around party’s and clubbing with fake id she is only 18 sucking off all the guys at the party, she is Albania Muslim girl she docent have friends all her friends hate her she was best friend w April Boyce she is one off burnaby slut to now she have some Broun girls from Afghanistan and Kelly halite Not Her Real Name Kelly is her fake name she fcking with old mans using them for money she don’t have a live she fck with alex aq hes 32 yrs old man one of my friend said he have porn with her sheis 18 only she goes around sucking off dealers for more for free drugs she’s constantly comparing herself to she working in chanatown Vancouver Kelly halite her facebook name and other bitch with her fat friend Lydia horman , this bitch thinks shes the hottest she los her virginity to some dirty guy 35 yrs old black guy and she looking for more d*ck. and new working in dt Vancouver during and doing drugs she got some china bf she with him for hes money EVERYONE knows that Kelly fck with 15 mans on 2012 she fcking with does ppl afghan panjaby chines anywhere if u say her just ask for her numbers that’s all

That tops a whole lotta manipulation.  Just like her face will be when she figures out photoshop.- nik

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