Meanwhile in Chicago

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, your website usually has the worst of the worst when it comes to ugly women. However, when I go back to the real world here in Chicago, I’m faced with girls like THIS. Why…why? WHY?!?! Why do girls think it’s okay to leave the house like this? Potbellys, back rolls, saggy t*ts, these girls have it all. Even a camel toe making an appearance out this past V-day weekend?! Number #2’s dress looks like it belongs to her skinnier little sister…Actually none of these girls fit in their outfits. And the chunkiest one of all is baring her belly?! The closest thing we have to “hot” is girl #1 on the far left, who has tree trunks for legs…is this what I have to deal with in Chicago? Please Nik, tell me what city a guy has to move to to find a decent looking chick. Preferably one that hasnt been seen naked all over the internet already, either.

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Stefany “Crusty” Sotelo

THE DIRTY ARMY: The dirty photoshop gremlin Stefany Sotelo is at it again! Did she really think she was fooling ANYone with this sad attempt at a photoshop job? Look at the random blue streak next to her right thigh, did the background come alive and become 3-D? LOL… clearly an attempt to cover up her fat, which is lumping over her too small bikini. And more weird marks/spots on her love handles and thigh? A little too much blur tool, trying to hide her cellulite. And the blue spots, trying to pass off her back fat as part of the “background” can she not be embarassed with how back this looks? I’d go into hiding and never come out. And to top it off…why is her face 50 shades darker than her elbows? Fake bake nastiness at its best. Why are we stuck with girls like this in Chicago?! Seriously, I wanna barf.

Clown Party

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here we go again. Audrey Bolek has officially used all the filters out there. Even the one where you can hide your ridiculous butt chin. What is wrong with this girl, she edits these pictures as if we dont see how hideous she looks in real life. Not only is she becoming the number one coke addict in Chicago but now that Bryan Nolan dropped her she’s hooking up with girl’s boyfriends and is on just about everyone’s hit list. She should really consider quitting SpyBar and staying on the South side because no one in the city likes this smelly whore. Stay away Audrey you look like a clown in every single one of your pictures. You scare everyone away at Spybar theyre loosing business. Nik, would you hit it?

Audrey Puppet

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I know she’s been posted a lot on your site, but I couldn’t help myself. What is wrong with Audrey Bolek’s arms. Not only does she have the hands of a 85 year old woman, but her arms are extremely long and look so awkward for her little body. So do her fake boobs that she got done twice in one year but I wont go that far. And OMG don’t even get me started on the red hair. I remember it was cool to change your color like this at the age of 16-18, but not in your early 20’s. She was probably born premature since there’s so much wrong with this girl. Nik, would you and why?

They make red extensions these days…- nik

Super Broke

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, why do all the girls in Chicago think selling their body is a legit way to get rich? Olivia here for example…no, she’s not actually a stripper. She just works at a strip club, begging every greg she comes into contact with for spare change…but that’s not the worst of it. She wants us to believe that shes better than us because she goes on “fancy vacations” on the regular to Vegas and Miami…Nik, what kind of people do u know that go on ONE person vacations???? Just sayin!!! Escorting is not something to be jealous of honey. This girl has been selling her body like an olympic sport for YEARS, but somehow she’s better than all of us? And we’re just jealous? Nik, let Olivia know not to get ahead of herself…she was in such a rush to get ready in this pic that she forgot her 2nd eye make up!! What a joke. Oh, and if you were really a baller like some of us…you would have gotten the nose job AGES ago!!! YEARS before the bad boobs… Just sayin!!

If she went for the nose first she may still have a job.- nik

You got Busted Barbie

THE DIRTY ARMY: .Meet Ashley “Barbie” Furtick, she lives in the beautiful city of Chicago. This busty has been with 5 guys in the last four months but her currently true love is the new up and coming talentless gremlin rapper juvenile degenerate.. I mean babie. This dumdass cum sucking trashbag got her new bfs name tatted after dating for three weeks instead of being at home with her “sick son”. This life of the party train ride can be found at tiger ostylies where she would rather snort coke, dope, get fucked up and smoke weed than be a mother to her son, then turns around and brags about it. “#weboutthatlife” . It’s pretty bad when your son tells peeps you’re a liar and don’t love him. She’s a real winner in my book but ya can’t shine a piece of shit, it’ll always be a piece of shit. I wonder how juvie feels knowing that instead of sitting in his room listening to him rap into the stocking filled hanger in the closet she’s out her fucking her ex bf! Happy birthday Debo! Nik id like to give a shout out to this level 3 scumbag. Baby girl you make being a gutter whore look easy. Muaahh #nasty #stayhome

You let her lick your ass…- nik

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