What Happened To Stephanie Wills Face

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik I just saw this photo of stuck up conceded Stephanie Will and her rich California boyfriend on Instagram, can someone tell me what the hell she did to her face?! The picture on the left is her now, the right is what she used to look like… Stephanie STOP with the surgery! You are one of the most stuck up Naperville slores I know, maybe because she lives in Cali now she thinks she has to get more face fillers, you can stop any time now girl. And judging from this photo you probably should have alonggg time ago. Chicago is SO happy you left, stop coming back.

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Fighter Ex turned into a Pill Head

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ryan Schooler ex has been screwing life up for herself and her daughter becoming a drugged out trash bag! She thinks she is cute but she isn’t and not pretty enough to get through life she needs to stop doing drugs and take care of her daughter instead of spreading rumors about Ryan … She is the trashiest thing to walk the street your not fooling anyone and everyone talks some much shit about her behind her back that she is naive and blind to the fact… Ruin your life not others

Rachel Thomas Hot For Cash

THE DIRTY ARMY: I have to blast Rachel Thomas of Floyds Knobs, Indiana Nik. Rachel won’t stop begging me to help pay for her plastic surgery including Rhinoplasty, Lip Augmentation, +2’s, Botox and a butt lift and I am sick of hearing it ! I told her to leave me alone and now I hear through our coworkers that she has gone on to harassing others to help her out. She’s now hiding her story through the guise that her mom is dying from cancer and needs the cash for her mother’s treatments. This may just be a rumor, but I have also heard that she may be giving blows to colleagues on the side to pay for her alterations. Maybe, you can help her out Nik? Didn’t you give out +2’s in the past ? I just want her to leave me and everyone else alone.

Disgusting Snake in Warsaw Indiana

THE DIRTY ARMY: This lazy pig lies about everything and anything that he can. He talks shit about everyone! He slept with the babysitter who hadn’t even been 16 for a month in a home he shared with the mother of his youngest daughter while the kids were there! He hid it for months until the fat ugly slut thought she was pregnant and then the baby momma had to hear the truth from a sheriff because he was being accused of rape and she had to be a character witness for both the babysitter and that disgusting piece of shit. And he still wouldn’t tell her the truth. Don’t date this mother fcker, he does not love you, he is only using you for something!!


THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Don Gilb.(ON THE LEFT) He is 40 yrs old. Has accomplished nothing on life except knocking women up he has 5 boys. 3 by his first heroin addict wife. which he was basically forced to take custody of his older three because of. one by his second wife which he doesnt care to see at all and doesnt pay child support for and his ex wife has asked him to sign over his rights and yet he wont. and then finally a 3rd by an ex girlfriend whom he denies denies and denies and he looks just like all of his brothers his sons even believe he is their brother and try to see him. This guy moved and changed his number trying to get out of having to pay child support or take care of any of his children he would rather his children be in jail then have to take care of them. his 22 yr old son he had smoked pot with and drank with then called his probation officer and told them to drug test him. his 14 yr old he called the cops on for having friends over while on house arrest when part of the deal of house arrest was no friends over and his 18 yr old is in jail for theft. he is a winner alright..CHEATS ON EVERY SINGLE GIRL HE HAS EVER BEEN WITH BRAGS ABOUT WHEN HE WAS MARRIED HOW MANY AFFAIRS HE HAD AND SLEEPING WITH MARRIED WOMEN…HE EVEN SLEPT WITH SOME OLD NASTY DRUNK FOR MONEY HE SAID HE TOO ONE FOR THE TEAM BECAUSE WHEN HIM AND HIS FRIENDS GO OUT SHE PAYS AND HE DIDNT WANT THE PARTY TO END….SO WOMEN IF YOU SEE HIM RUN RUN RUN!

What is wrong with her

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nuff said.

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