Authenticate First, Fraud Company

THE DIRTY ARMY: if your looking for a company to scam you for information about authenticating product do not use this company has only been open for one year and these two women Gina Nixon and Mary Till do not know anything about designer luxury goods! They started up this company year ago to scam customers on telling what is real and not real. they have abused there power and have made several mistakes on authentication on products they do not even know ! These two women have never met in person only have spoke on the internet. DO NO send your product to get authenticated ! there two old women who do not know about nothing about the luxury world THEY CAN’T EVEN AFFORD A DESIGNER HAND BAG ! there here to scam people for there hard earn money !this company has only been open for one year. There is no office, no space or even an address to get a hold of them, there no such thing as authenticators there just people with experience. They have made 1000’s of dollars on customers who wanted advice from there ! BEWARE DO NOT SEND YOU MONEY TO THEM. THERE A FAKE COMPANY MADE UP ON THE INTERNET DO NOT USE THEM. GET YOUR MONEY BACK . THERE NOT EDUCATED IN THE TRADE . THERE BUSINESS WOMEN TRYING TO MAKE QUICK CASH. Look at both of them they can’t even afford a Louis Vuitton bag. there website doesn’t even look legit ! get your money back.

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Laundry Thief; Linda Lane

THE DIRTY ARMY: ***From a local musician: THIEF REPORT! A little over a year ago, Malena (girlfriend) accidentally left a load of clothes in our laundry room, here at Jefferson Estates. That load of laundry consisted of a few pairs of Levis, her “Free Eli” shirt, her Harptallica shirt, her underwear, plus some other of her favorite clothes, including her Greedy Mistress t-shirt that the Italian band personally gave her after I booked their last tour of the US and they stayed with us for a few days. She was very proud of that shirt. All in all, probably at least $200 worth of clothes. When she realized that she had forgotten to get the laundry out of the dryer, she went back to the laundry room and all the clothes were gone. She instantly went into the office and asked our landlord if they had taken the clothes out. They had no idea what she was talking about. So she just made a report with them and came back to the apartment, crying and very upset, knowing that the clothes had been stolen. She spent quite a few days feeling violated by some unknown person. As would anyone. Over a year passes. UPDATE! Tonight, we were at the punk rock show at Wander Inn. All of a sudden I see this girl wearing a Greedy Mistress shirt. I was like, Hey, those are my friends! I went across the room and asked this girl “where did you see Greedy Mistress at? I booked their tour of the US!” I wasn’t even thinking about Malena’s stolen clothes at all. Actually, I had completely forgotten about the whole deal. This girl then says, “oh, I didn’t see them anywhere. I actually stole it from the laundry room at the apartment complex I live at.” WTF? My brain started to click. I then asked “where do you live?” She replies, “Jefferson Estates”. BOOM! Mystery solved! I then realize that this is the person that stole all of Malena’s clothes, and in true Bill Finn fashion, I call her out on it. “Guess what? You stole my girlfriend’s clothes.” She replies, “I only took one shirt.” Not, “I’m sorry”, or any remorse at all. Yeah, right. “I only took it because I was having an affair with a married man at the time, and I thought it would be funny to wear.” Yes, stealing from hard working people is so funny. If I were to actually believe that she only took one shirt, then I would have to believe that she actually thought it was ok to open a dryer in a private laundry room and go through the clothes one-by-one to pick out what she wants to steal. Bull shit. What I know she did was put all of the clothes in a basket, take them home, sort through what she wanted and got rid of the rest. maybe to friends, Plato’s Closet, or the dumpster. Then she walks out the door as if it was no big deal (or knew that shit was about to get real creepy for her). Malena follows her outside and tells her that she wants her shirt back, and she takes it off and gives it to her, and tells her “I just lost enough weight to finally wear it”. Never believe a thief. NEVER. So, I come home and find out that this thief is actually on my friends list, as well as mutual friends with a lot of people I know (some of you are even tagged in this thread. Prepare yourselves for mass replies.) So, I go to her photos section, and the shirt that she says that she could never wear, is actually being worn by her in this very photo (below). The photo was taken in February of 2013 (proof in other photo below). So, there’s another lie. We’ve got a pattern here. Lie #1: “I only took one shirt.” Lie #2: “This was the first time I ever wore the shirt. I just lost 14 pounds and could finally fit into it.” So, let it be known, Corky Justcorky (a.k.a. Linda Lane) is a thief and liar that will steal from her neighbors, and will probably steal from you, and then lie to your face about it. Tomorrow I will report her to my landlord, and show them these photos, as well as the shitty text she sent me after she left the bar calling me “Bitch mother fu(ker! F*CKYOUU”, and admits to stealing the shirt she was caught wearing tonight. BEWARE! This girl is a THIEF and a LIAR!

Ruins Marriage

THE DIRTY ARMY: My now ex husband and I were married for almost 3 years. 5 months before we separated, he was cheating on me with this homewrecker who lived across the street fromus. Its funny cause where we lived he would say how everyone was trash. That didn’t stop him unfortunately. She was married at the time but divorced her husband for mine and he left me for her. They are now currently living together with her 2 kids from previous marriage. I guess karma is coming back to them both. Both cheated on their spouses to be together and now my ex husband is currently cheating on her. Just beware of this trashy homewrecker if you’re in the area. She may be after your man.

Mother of the Year

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Vanessa Betancourt from Montgomery, Indiana. She is a prostitute and mother of three that is spreading diseases across southern Indiana. She likes to pick on girls to make herself feel better because she is a skank.

Ducker Husband Suckers

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet the infamous( well known for some bad quality or deed) Avon homewrecking Ducker sisters. Tara is the 37yr old landwhale in the red dress, and her 42yr old sister Teresa her biggest supporter. It all started when Tara admittedly seduced a married man, she knew had a young child at home, while she worked as a gas station attendant. Afterwards she claimed to be pregnant with her 5th child by said married man. In her own words she knew he was going to bolt, so she basically harrassed his entire family. Constantly threatening to tell his wife, and when she finally did, she taunted his wife by going into explicit details of their sexual encounters, that she so proudly posted online for the world to see, she loved calling his wife a ‘fat cow’ as if she has any room to talk! After so much grief the scorned wife exposed Tara on a fb homewrecker site. After the exposure Tara’s complete and utterly psychopathic side came out, and her sister joined in, they both became obessed with the site. Crying ‘victim’ of cyber bullying. Lol. Like it wasnt ‘bullying’ when Tara posted comments to that site making fun of a very young disabled child, that shares the same father as some of her older children do. She even went to extreme’s of writing into the site (see attached) admitting that she knew he had a wife/ child but still invited him back to her apt offering him drinks and kissed him. She also states that during her pregnancy she wasnt even sure if he was the father! Please set these trashy obese/ leather face sisters straight, someone needs to let them know having multiple children by many different men, some already married, and working minimum wage jobs with low enough pay to still be able to collect public assistance is nothing to be proud of. It’s sad that when you google the name ‘Tara Ducker’ homewrecker pops up beside it!!

Laura Lundy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, DA strong here in Bedford, Indiana! This gauntly looking creature/slut is named Laura Lundy. She’s known for being a slut since high school (fcking her friends boyfriend behind her back), a piece of shit mother, who puts her pill and m*th addiction before her two children. I mean look at the color of her skin!! It’s grey!! Her face is sunk in and she looks like a skeleton. She thinks she’s hot shit and goes after married men. Her morals are held into comparison to her mosquito bite titties, she has none. She used to be a nurse aide until she got fired for her pill popping addiction.If anyone sees her lock up your meds, and men! She’s a liar, manipulator, and overall disgusting human being. Oh and one more thing, look at her hair in the last pic where she’s “posing” trying to look less ugly. Who the fck wears their hair like that these days!!?? This isn’t the 60’s.

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