I Think I Found a DC in Indiana

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Kevin Berglund. He “raps” under the name KBerglund or K.B. I’ve known the kid my whole life, his parents are fairly wealthy and trust me, his life has not been difficult. He loves to rap about his struggles and how he doesn’t fit in and all his “haters.” He is truly one of worst the rappers ever, 50 Tyson style bad. I think he’s delusional enough to be a Dirty Celebrity. I’m including a link to his SoundClick page. What do you think?

Parents need to stop supporting broken dreams.- nik

NRP Episode 12  –  Charlie Sheen Exposed - Kacey Jordan Tells All

Just days after Charlie Sheen announced that he is HIV positive; pornstar Kacey Jordan shares her detailed sexual encounter with Charlie during his days of addiction and ‘Tiger Blood.’ Kacey explains why she chose to abort their possible unborn child.

Bobbi Scott, Horrible Mother

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik I am Erin i would love to tell you about this woman Bobbi Scott she is my birth mother she is 37 i am 21 she became a mother at the age of 13 shes a little whore she had 2 kids by the age 15 then she had me at 18 when i was born she lived with her mother and her other two girls one day when i was 2 she decided to move out with me and leave the girls behind the next day after we moved out there was a house fire her mom and her girls died in the fire well Bobbi Scott ended up giving me up for adoption let me go back shes been a crack head for years she use to pawn me off at anyones house that she could well i was believed to be molested by someone she pawned me off on but now back to the adoption it was an open adoption so she though oh i can pop in and out of her life when ever the fuck i please well my mom the one who adopted me she is my real mom not bobbi she was just an egg donor but my mom decided your confussing her im cutting you out from see her you cant just pop in and out thats not what i agreed on when it became an open adoption well few years go by i turned ten she comes over wanting a relationship with me and she brought my little sister rose over she was just a baby i got to hold her but as bobbi useally is she walked right back out my life couple years later she ran into me again wanting back in my life so i gave her another chance then she did it to me again walked right back out my life few years go by i turn 18 she walks back into my life right before i turned 18 but when i did turn 18 she took me rose and my brother george who i never knew was alive to a park and had a little party for me but then walked right back out after calling me a retard then about a year ago she tryed to come back in my life so i tryed once again to let her back in but this time she did me way wrong she told me she wish i would have died in that fire instead of the girls and her mom she said she should have aborted me when she found out she was pregnat with me she told me she never loved me and never will it was all fake this really hurt me so bad i tryed ending my life then a couple months ago she tryed and walk back in again i gave her that last chance and once again she blew she lyed and told me she was dying from breat cancer and she wants to rebuild bridges she has burned in the past and make it up to them before she dies so she tells me she is taking me shopping with 1500 dollars all to my self on what ever i want and she lead me to believe that she was driving from texas to indianapolis indiana to pick me up and take me to texas with her for a couple weeks she lead me on for bout 19 hours told me to meet her down town so i go to meet her when i get there i text her and asked her were she was told her i was were she told me to meet her then i get a text saying this hahahahaha your a true retard im in texas i was never coming to get you your so dumb you just got played this woman is so horrible she has done so much to me i just cant tell all you would be here for 3 days reading everything she has stolen a tv and wii’s from her own kids my brother and sister george and rose she stole their dog she steals from people and from stores she sleeps with men cuz she is homeless so that her and her husband can have a hotel room and money she has been a whore since she was 12 years old she dont know who my father is its between 5 guys she ruins everyones life no one likes her not even her own family she is the most horrible person in the entire world and she thinks she is so sexy with that nasty ruined dryed hair and toothless fucking smile lol tell me what you think of this woman.

If your not willing to give up your addictions you shouldn’t have kids.- nik

James Van Elswyck

THE DIRTY ARMY: James Van Elswyck is probably the biggest scumbag ever! not only is he a convicted felon who was molested by both of his parents, fingered his dog at times bc she “looked horny” and is ripping people off day in and day out! but he owes so many people money and he acts like hes the man! if wasn’t for his old friend and a certain someone this piece of shit wouldn’t be anywhere! do your homework and research this scumbag you’ll love what you’ll find! he thinks he is some marketing guru but in reality hes a dirty, woman beating piece of shit who loves spitting on woman! he would order escorts to his office, fck his employees and steal from them every chance he got!

Is this certain someone he plays tummy sticks with?- nik

One Big Dirty Family

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik…These two sisters veronica jamason on Facebook and the pic with her boyfriend is Charles an Samantha cannon! Veronica while she lived there with her boyfriend an 2 kids had Avery man in Richmond in there while he was at work. She overdosed a couple weeks ago in front of her kids with some black male. We told her boyfriend he doesn’t believe it. Anyhow she found out she’s pregnant with her 3rd. Nasty bitch fuked her 2nd kid up doing drugs while pregnant now she’s doing well the same with this one. She doesn’t work she lives off tax payers money. Shes had numerouse drd’s so if you’ve fcked her go get checked! The other sister and her boyfriend doesn’t work them two live off of us tax payers. If your sick of dirt dobbers living off us let them know it. They have a Facebook! Also while veronica jamason cowen is living with her boyfriend she’s actually still married! They fck people over an don’t pay anything back! Let them know how ya feel! Nik would you?

EXCLUSIVE: Emails Between Anthony Weiner And Sydney Leathers [NSFW], HELLO!





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Hello! At least Anthony Weiner labels his pictures accordingly. Here are exclusive email exchanges between Anthony Weiner and Sydney Leathers during the month of August 2012. Notice how Anthony Weiner was trying to hurt Sydney Leathers’ education.

**More conversations will be published tomorrow**


World Exclusive: Anthony Weiner Nude Penis Images, New York Don’t Let America Down **WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES**

More Cops Killing Dogs

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, we have to put these pigs on blast! This sh*t should make headlines but unfortunately its not. These pigs killed these Siberian Huskies cause they thought they were wolves! The DA needs to call CP police and voice there opinions, this is getting sick. This police station is soo shady you can just google them and you’ll see the madness they pull from hanging out in bar & grills all day in the parking lot and pulling peeps over while they are leaving the place to meet their quota’s, raiding bars cause they got “tips” saying underagers are in the bars but yet theres a county cop checking ids. I shall copy and paste the article! Help me get the word out to the army brother! Much love  [Click here for article]

Why would they try to kill wolves anyway? So messed up.- nik

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