Drewry Drama Queen

THE DIRTY ARMY: Putting this bitch on blast. Nik meet Jessica Drewry. I met this girl when I was in college. She walked up to me and my buddies and asked to study with us. (SHE approached ME) We were friends for about a 2.5 years. Over that time she watched me lose weight, fix my jacked up teeth and move out on my own… you know, I stopped being a bitch and took responsibility for my life. I changed. So we’re watching movies one night (Iowa vs. Arizona ’10 game was on) and she makes a move. (Again she wanted to be a part of my life.) She winds up spending the night at my place in her underwear. About two weeks later I find out she has DRD (the herp, the gift that keeps giving, etc.) from a website. WTF? Friends for two years and you cant tell me the truth? Well, Im a pretty reasonable guy. I didnt expect her to be perfect because I know I’m not. I accepted her, I trusted her… like a chump. It was great til she gave me DRD. Then she started treating me like shit. She decides she wants to break up with me because I didn’t want to be her DD when she wanted to go get shit faced with her guy friends who talked shit about me for graduation. Well that wasn’t the end of it. We get back to together and go on a trip to Italy… with her Mom, step dad and her Mom’s Ex-highschool boyfriend. F@%*ing nightmare. Highlights include her Moms ex threatening me outside the Vatican, her step dad and mom getting belligerently drunk, her mom asking me “So, where are you going to take me when you make it big?” (gold digger) and my ex screaming fck you” and slamming the door in my face that everyone on our hotel floor heard. All I wanted was to use the bathroom, excuse me! Then she tells me “I hate my fuking life.” Drama Queen. Didnt end there. She breaks up about a month later because I asked her “Why are you treating me like a bitch?” Her answer: “Im not going to take a risk on the person I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.” That wouldve been nice to know before I ever kissed her. After that argument she told me “We’ll always be friends, I’ll always love you.” then text me “I don’t know what I want.” blah blah… She strung me along. I fell for it, I wanted to get back together. In hindsight I have no clue why. About a month later she doesn’t even recall being friends and is too good to return my calls. So I posted she gave me DRD on the website I found out from because I knew she wasnt above doing it herself. As you can see I was right because she did the same thing to me. About 11 months after our break up she files a restraining order against me and construes what happened afterwards as stalking and harassment. (Of course she omits everything she did to me from the court application.) She testified I threw my cat in court but does she really look like she’s afraid of me? No, I dont hit people in general, especially women. Of course I fought it, of course I lost because the courts side with women. Even then that wasn’t the end of it. She renews it against me despite the fact I moved 2200 miles away. FINALLY made it go away after more legal BS. All of this and I find out the guy she got DRD from was a married 30-something because she was reckless. This is how she treats me when I accepted what he did to her. She thinks herpes is her only flaw. No she’s impatient, judgmental, lacks empathy, has zero sense of humor and is unforgiving. Anyone who really knows her knows that her mom is her only friend because she likes screwing people over, she gets off on it because she thinks the world screwed her over. If I had known this bitch was going to give me a disease and waste 6 years of my life I woul’ve filed a restraining order against her when she walked up to my table and asked to study together. So who gives a guy herpes, post she gave them drd on the internet and THEN files a restraining order against them? Jessica Drewry. If she didn’t have drd and wasn’t such a cnt would you Nik?

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.


THE DIRTY ARMY: When I saw the post about this stuck up bitch, I just couldnt help myself but add to it. Ashley Bernhagen finally started losing weight (much needed she was a dirty cow that dressed in clothes two sizes too small) but she’s gotten so fuking annoying about it. Always taking pictures of herself and her nasty food and now thinks she has what it takes to be a trainer just because she learned what a calorie counter app is? Please Nik, set the record straight, isn’t she still just a nasty clown faced slut? Anyone who wears that much makeup…especially to the gym… Clearly isn’t hot.

D.- nik

You Have Never Met A Bottle Rat This Buff Before

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, wanted to see what you think about Jaclyn Giordano? Because she swears she is better than everyone, yet only hangs out with ugly beast ass girls.  Swears she’s the best fitness wana B model in Chicago!  NOT!! She’s a bottle rat coke sloot and sleeps around to get “hookups”. Look at the damage done to her face, makeup can’t cover! I just wanted to ask you what you think about here face and body, cause I know she thinks they are both perfect.

I like the lesbian dinner meeting. Nothing like a group of girls getting together and posing sideways.- nik

Ashley Bernhagen

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ashley Bernhagen is a dirty slut trying to work through her Daddy issues one sext and naked selfie at a time. She preys on guys younger than her (baby cougar at 24) in relationships but claims that she hates the drama… okay. While she gets psycho clingy thinking she stands a chance to be their new girlfriends these guys know what she truly is– a common orange whore thats good for busting a few loads on the side but will never be the main attraction. She thinks being nasty, sexting guys while she’s at work, having them text her while their girlfriends are away, and sending them pics means that they want her, but all the clown makeup, fake tans, fake hair, gross eyebrows (like really?) and endless filtered selfies will always leave her a dirty puckslut and never make her a girlfriend… and definitely not a wife. There’s a reason she’s always only on the side or in a phone and not in a relationship. Good thing she has her cat, no one else wants such an ugly person inside and out.

Bet she’s mastered Angry Bird and is flourishing in Farmville.- nik

Iowa ADPI’s Are Fug And Easy



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, as a student of Iowa the #1 party school in the nation.. I want the world to understand why. ADPI b*tches here are fug and will go down on you for a free Keystone Light. The reason we are #1 is because of ADPI. They are have beer bellies and terrible haircuts. But they will out drink you and claim blackout the next morning when they can’t find their underwear.

I’m trying to play Where’s Waldo, but I really cannot find one decent looking chick. I do see Lena Dunham. I also knew she was ADPi from her body type.- nik

Injustice In Iowa

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nik, I have silently watched your website explode with traffic over the past few years and need an outlet along with some advice. Here is my situation. My boyfriend and I were pulled over for traffic violation which resulted in Patrick’s arrest. Pat was arrested and charged with a class D Felony on 2nd degree theft for an incident that occurred at Shoppers in Ankeny, Iowa on May 25th, on a day Pat and I were certainly in South Dakota. We have bank statments that show he deposited his check at the ATM here in our town (in SOUTH DAKOTA) we also rented videos that day, and the following morning were at the local gas station. (all on record of his debit card) I have also done my own investigating, and have done more in the past 3 days than Detective Gustar has in 3 months. (William Gasbar? He wouldnt spell his name slow enough so I could understand it before he rudely transferred me and stated if I wanted to speak to him, I can do so in court and better get a lawyer.) This detective has lied and harassed my family along with not properly doing his job as an investigator. I have found 3 other suspects 1 of which looks like Patrick and was just released on second degree theft for an event that occurred 2 weeks after the initial incident. I have called every connection/person/lawyer, and have been told over and over again with out a grand down to start, they do not even care to listen. Unfortunately, it has cost us close to a grand already and we are running out of funds. I am not asking for charity, but more so, I am asking for this status to somehow make it in the hands of someone who wants the justice system to serve its purpose. Pat sat in jail for 20 hours without a clue as to why he was there. He has missed work, lost sleep, and has not been able to eat since his release. (Understandable) I have no idea what else to do, except to bring awareness to the situation and the injustice that is currently going on. Our system is broken; you can do anything with money but if you are like the majority of Americans, sh*t out of luck without it. We do not qualify for legal aid, he made too much money last year. Sadly, that’s barley enough money to afford our bills. Since the charge is in Iowa, but we are residents of South Dakota, it is out of local law schools jurisdiction. There are other things that I cant publicly address at the moment, but I am out of resources to figure this out on my own. No it is not a “case closed” with our evidence. Sadly we need video of the ATM which we cant get without a subpena, which requires a lawyer. He has also already been charged, so unless a lawyer files to drop the case to the DA, we will be going to court. I have a little girl who this is going to effect, we may even have to pull her out of her first year of pre-school due to funds.

Are there any DIRTY ARMY lawyers in Iowa who can help this couple… their child’s future depends on it!- nik

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