Who is Campbell Murdock’s Boyfriend

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I fell off my chair when I saw this slut on here and I’m seriously shocked she wasn’t on sooner. She’s notorious in the Chicago suburbs as a snowboarding chick, you can find her whoring around Raging Buffalo in Algonquin and sleezing it up with any guy that looks her way. This girl has some serious roast beef dangling between her legs too (or so I’ve heard from many guys), I guess she’s got some mileage down there though. She must ask every guy at the bar to take a picture with her because she’s climbing all over a different guy in every picture. I can never tell who her boyfriend is! As you can see by the Iowa City records, she certainly is thirsty! If she can’t get her c*ke fix, you can find her snorting adderall in the bathroom. Oh Slam, close your legs, mouth and nostrils.

She conveniently crops out her bottom half.- nik

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Audrey Bee

THE DIRTY ARMY: Came across this girl Audrey Bee on my Facebook friends list. And was just wondering what is with that *I smelled my own vagina* face every time? Aside from the man shoulders, her pssy lips in the second picture are the highlight to my day. What do you think Nik?

Its a result of shrinking her nose in photoshop.- nik

Iowa City Slore

THE DIRTY ARMY: If you thought Mckelle Murdock was bad, check out her dirty sister Campbell Murdock. She’s actually worse but dresses less like a stripper. This girl has had sex with so many people, I can’t count on fingers and toes how many guys I’ve seen her drag into house party bathrooms. No wonder she’s earned the nickname “Slamball Morecock”. She pushes her non existent boobs up to her chin using 2 padded bras. She’s cheated on all of her boyfriends and made so many enemies that she had to leave Chicago to go to Iowa City where she serves at a crappy dive bar called DC’s. She’s a cke head and a sloppy drunk. She snowboards and pretends to be into hockey calling herself a “puck slut” to get hockey players and snowboarders. Her mouth is either wide open in pictures or she’s climbing all over different guys, it’s disgusting.

Where’s the pics of her passed out in the streets.- nik

Underage Keating

THE DIRTY ARMY: Could Erica Keating (far right wanna be blonde)be the next Pattie Maddox? She’s 25 hanging out with 19 year olds. She just moved her way up to bartending at Spybar by fcking the owner. Started from Larry Thomas now she’s at the top fcking big promoters like Beejay Haddad, Matthew Haddad and Tony Adreani. She’s such an ugly loser. Nik would you?

Answer: No, her shorts are throwing me for a loop.  Looks like photoshop.

After The 2nd Ones

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is how they look after the second boob job.. STILL square shaped and all fcked up. Audrey Bee

Its like a loaf a bread.- nik

Bad Boobs

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the famous Audrey Bee. A side from her fried hair, big nose, but-chin and horribly drawn on eyebrows she’s 20 with a second horrible boob job with in a year. Her brunette friend is Morgan Tyler W another South-side whore. Not only are they best friends, but they both went to Indiana to get their boobs done for cheap and this is what they look like. Thank god for those boobs, Audrey has a body of a 9 year old boy.

Her gap looks like it was molded by a beer bottle.- nik

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