Proof That Iowa ADPi Girls Are Easy

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, here’s a beat Alpha Delta Pi on our campus at the University of Iowa. This b*tch cheats on her boyfriend every chance she gets and i hear she’ll screw any guy who gives her pot and a drink. She’s a junior an you can find her in the previous group picutres of ADPi. You can also find her in a porn video some brothers made while they f*cked her and another girl at a frat party. Alpha Chi Omega is where it’s at! ΑΧΩ.

Down Grade

THE DIRTY ARMY: Says girls after her are a down grade…you have to be down right grotesque to for her to show you up.

Missing, Please Help

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please help locate this young woman, Carrie Olson from Davenport, IA. Last seen with the man in this photo, Tim Mcvay on December 28th in Rock Island, IL. He supposedly drove to Minneapolis (in her car, with his new g/f) the day after she was last seen and flew to Vegas. He has since returned to the Quad Cities, turned her car into authorities and is not in police custody at this time. If anyone has seen Carrie or saw Tim around the time she went missing, please contact the police department.

Spread the word.- nik

Iowa ADPI’s Are Fugly And Easy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check out more of the beat ADPI’s at our campus.  Everyone knows its all about Alpha Chi Omega -ΑΧΩ and that they are the hottest girls and sorority on this campus.  C’mon bring it b*tches!!!

I’m trying to find just one cute girl but it’s so hard. Do you see one? They all seem normal looking and there are a couple I could cow tip.- nik

Iowa ADPI’s Are Fug And Easy Revision

THE DIRTY ARMY: LOL ya’ll are idiots if you are basing judgement off of 2 pictures (and not off of the rest of the sorority-aka, the juniors and sophomores). Every sorority has their hotties and their not so hots but to be honest ADPi has the chillest girls at Iowa. If theyre lacking in looks the personalities make up for it. Whoever this previous poster claims as “fug and easy” probs just got screwed over by this one specific girl and is lashing out at the whole sorority…. which is no where near fug or easy. If any sorority on this campus deserves to be called FUG AND EASY its AZD or DZ. Nik, say all you want about these pics but I know ADPi has good looking girls so whatever you or others say is laughable and irrelevant. ADPi is top sorority in the south, and to those other girls saying they don’t consider Iowa real ADPis…. LOLOLOL YOUR ARE A BITCH WERE SUPPOSED TO SISTERS

I agree, ‘fug n easy’.- nik

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Drewry Drama Queen

THE DIRTY ARMY: Putting this bitch on blast. Nik meet Jessica Drewry. I met this girl when I was in college. She walked up to me and my buddies and asked to study with us. (SHE approached ME) We were friends for about a 2.5 years. Over that time she watched me lose weight, fix my jacked up teeth and move out on my own… you know, I stopped being a bitch and took responsibility for my life. I changed. So we’re watching movies one night (Iowa vs. Arizona ’10 game was on) and she makes a move. (Again she wanted to be a part of my life.) She winds up spending the night at my place in her underwear. About two weeks later I find out she has DRD (the herp, the gift that keeps giving, etc.) from a website. WTF? Friends for two years and you cant tell me the truth? Well, Im a pretty reasonable guy. I didnt expect her to be perfect because I know I’m not. I accepted her, I trusted her… like a chump. It was great til she gave me DRD. Then she started treating me like shit. She decides she wants to break up with me because I didn’t want to be her DD when she wanted to go get shit faced with her guy friends who talked shit about me for graduation. Well that wasn’t the end of it. We get back to together and go on a trip to Italy… with her Mom, step dad and her Mom’s Ex-highschool boyfriend. F@%*ing nightmare. Highlights include her Moms ex threatening me outside the Vatican, her step dad and mom getting belligerently drunk, her mom asking me “So, where are you going to take me when you make it big?” (gold digger) and my ex screaming fck you” and slamming the door in my face that everyone on our hotel floor heard. All I wanted was to use the bathroom, excuse me! Then she tells me “I hate my fuking life.” Drama Queen. Didnt end there. She breaks up about a month later because I asked her “Why are you treating me like a bitch?” Her answer: “Im not going to take a risk on the person I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.” That wouldve been nice to know before I ever kissed her. After that argument she told me “We’ll always be friends, I’ll always love you.” then text me “I don’t know what I want.” blah blah… She strung me along. I fell for it, I wanted to get back together. In hindsight I have no clue why. About a month later she doesn’t even recall being friends and is too good to return my calls. So I posted she gave me DRD on the website I found out from because I knew she wasnt above doing it herself. As you can see I was right because she did the same thing to me. About 11 months after our break up she files a restraining order against me and construes what happened afterwards as stalking and harassment. (Of course she omits everything she did to me from the court application.) She testified I threw my cat in court but does she really look like she’s afraid of me? No, I dont hit people in general, especially women. Of course I fought it, of course I lost because the courts side with women. Even then that wasn’t the end of it. She renews it against me despite the fact I moved 2200 miles away. FINALLY made it go away after more legal BS. All of this and I find out the guy she got DRD from was a married 30-something because she was reckless. This is how she treats me when I accepted what he did to her. She thinks herpes is her only flaw. No she’s impatient, judgmental, lacks empathy, has zero sense of humor and is unforgiving. Anyone who really knows her knows that her mom is her only friend because she likes screwing people over, she gets off on it because she thinks the world screwed her over. If I had known this bitch was going to give me a disease and waste 6 years of my life I woul’ve filed a restraining order against her when she walked up to my table and asked to study together. So who gives a guy herpes, post she gave them drd on the internet and THEN files a restraining order against them? Jessica Drewry. If she didn’t have drd and wasn’t such a cnt would you Nik?

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