Junkie Baby Dropper

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Allison Cunningham 20 years old from ames iowa this nasty bitch has fcked over a hundred people even while prego for drugs. She was high on **roin and dropped her baby on cement and the kids fcked now. She’s a Nast cheating common white trash skank cm dumpster.

Poor kid.  Hope its in better care now.- nik

NRP Episode 12  –  Charlie Sheen Exposed - Kacey Jordan Tells All

Just days after Charlie Sheen announced that he is HIV positive; pornstar Kacey Jordan shares her detailed sexual encounter with Charlie during his days of addiction and ‘Tiger Blood.’ Kacey explains why she chose to abort their possible unborn child.

Sometimes Its Best To Look Away

THE DIRTY ARMY:I’m 22 and this girl Olivia Dahl!!!! is 18 from villa park IL& she is such a stupid hoe. I mean she gets around with men online faster then a pace bus in the chi. I mean she sleeps with anything I mean ANYTHING that has two legs and a penis. She acts so juvenile but thinks she’s funny when she says the most outlandish things like for (i.g) I was with my friends shoppin and she blankly stated so guys like I totally met this guy online he’s 32 and I wanna fck the shit out of him. O.o we were all speechless while in Nordstrom I apologized to the cashier for her ignorance. I mean she’s fcks a dif guy every other day. I mean she gave my boyfriend a hickey in front of me. I said it was okay and it was a dare but still a friend wouldn’t do that unless she’s a hoe. Therefore why I am writing this. If you get with her fair warning see A doctor immediately if you Penis looks like dr . Suess’s hat the morning after you might have an ** and your penis most likely will fall off ,Fair warning don’t hit it bc everyone in chi city probably will also be sleeping you. Get tested and stay away from this hoe aka bitchzilla..She better get while the gettin’s good.  I don’t think the future fairs well for her.- nik


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Audrey Bolek.. She’s a pretty girl, but wtf?.. Her taco meat vagina is hanging looks like she has a little chowd in her tiny little pants. She might have an eating disorder too, or just cke addiction one of those two. Duckface is so played out and come on girl be original, trying to look like JWOW isn’t getting you far .

I feel as if pretzels fill most of her diet.- nik

Lizz Lemon Needs A Taste Of Her Own Medicine

THE DIRTY ARMY:Nik meet “Lizz Lemon” is an egotistical evil b*tch on facebook. She runs a page called “Blast Book” where she does nothing but spread horrible lies about people she’s never met. She goes to great lengths to belittle people and try to destroy their lives. She has no problem posting total falsehoods about anybody, using their full name on her page visible to millions of people, and even contacting someone’s real life friends & family and telling them complete lies about anyone who has pissed her off. She also makes fun of people’s kids who have mental and physical disabilities and has wished death on a 6 month old baby just because the baby’s mother told her what a hypocrite she is. She often calls beautiful young women “fat” “ugly” and tells them to go commit suicide. This is hilarious to me considering she weighs at least over 200 lbs (just look at that picture of her with her boyfriend-her arm alone is so full of cellulite it makes me nauseous to look at) and looks like a giant grease bucket. She also likes to bash people calling them horrible mothers and get her little brainless minions to call CPS on people she doesn’t even know and tell them lies. This is yet another irony considering she has admitted to snorting pills while her child is in her care, spending what little money she gets from government assistance on weed and her HORRIBLE tattoos instead of caring for her child, etc. She admittedly lives in a disgusting roach motel room with her poor baby girl and makes it no secret that she cannot afford to wash the little girl’s clothes for weeks and has absolutely no food available (obviously she isn’t going without food herself, though). She has a boyfriend who spends his poor miserable life flipping burgers to attempt to support her fat ass and yet she admittedly physically abuses him. He isn’t a GQ model but he must have horrible self esteem because he could definitely do better than that fat miserable bitch. Anyway Nik, please do every innocent mother on facebook that has been targeted by this whale and put this disgusting excuse for a woman on blast just like she loves to do to everyone else! P.S. The last picture submitted is of her latest “tattoo”. She claims it looks so bad because it isn’t done yet or colored in but let’s get real, no amount of color is going to undo the fact that it looks like a infested meth sore dipped in menstrual blood. Thanks in advance for providing those of us who’ve been victimized by this miserable bitch with a forum to stand up for ourselves! I so look forward to reading the hilarious commentary about this warlock from the rest of the dirty army..

Tattoos must be tough when the needle sinks into the skin.- nik

Grandma Beer Bongs At Hawkeyes Tailgater

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this video is starting to make its away around the internet and I can see why. THIS GRANDMA IS AWESOME (and wish she was mine.) You gotta watch this vid, she takes it like a champ. GO HAWKEYES!

That was pretty awesome.- nik

Sewer City’s Finest

Sewer City's Finest

Sewer City's Finest

Sewer City's Finest

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this ratchet face’s name is Amanda. she is from montana but lives in sioux city, iowa now. if this is what montana is producing they should have laws about letting inbreds out of the state. she is easily one of the ugliest females i have ever encountered. she’s really loud and flirts as if she looks like tyra fckin’ banks. but really all she brings home are drew carey look alikes. obviously she can’t pull much better. i’m surprised she’s even getting them that good looking.

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