The Definition of Recidivism: Glen Cusimano

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Kansas City (P&L district), I’m pretty sure that several of you have been informed about Mr.Cusimano’s recent ordeal against the P&L district by the local media and/or friends. This 40 year old “child” is nothing but a looser BIG TIME. His recent allegations against Cordish are ridiculous. He possesses an extensive criminal background including a federal charge for wire fraud (which he server 9 months in prison) and outstanding warrant for his arrest for fraud in Greene County, MO. He is what I term a “low-life shemale (masculine outside-feminine inside) gold digger”. I have personally witnessed Mr.Cusimano getting physically aggressive with patrons both African American and whites at Mosaic lounge on numerous occasions. He is an old man who has absolutely nothing going for his life and wants his financial looses to be reimbursed my people (tax payers) who have actually worked hard in a law abiding fashion to get to where they are now. This guys is a wanna be gangster/pro-boxer. He hangs around with dreadful individual such as Jonny Causevic. At this time, most of the negativity that is taking place at P&L (Rockbar, Mosaic, Hotel and Tengo Sed) are due to people assigned to management positions who have minimum experience on how to run a nightclub (The two faced Ron Martin, crippled Brain Collins, and heavy accent Carlos Falcon). I have visited all of these places multiple times and noticed that the employees who work at these clubs have little to no skills in the hospitality industry whatsoever. Lastly, I believe that Mr. Cusimano given his “checkered” background (which is public at knew about this “rabbit” operation for a particular time frame and even participate fully in these incidents. I think that he feels disappointed and betrayed at Cordish by about the way he was terminated. As a result of Mr.Cusimano loosing his job as Manager and “Security Chief” at Mosaic he feels the need to get back at Cordish by revealing to the public what he witnessed at Mosaic as an employee. He should have quit immediately after he felt uncomfortable with the policies & procedures of the nightclub instead of waiting after he got fired to make his claim public.

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Meet Mrs. Asbell

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik… let me introduce Mrs. Asbell shes not even twenty-one with two kids who are watched by everyone who come in her home. Her and Ryan are married” but she likes to take time out and fck his bestfriends why he is out of town. She even became roomates with his bestfriend Cody and tried to get pregnant by him. she thinks that she is tough hiding behind the internet and talking shit but how can you kiss your kids with that mouth we all know where its been

Spray or Lotion

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is the real Haley King who was previously put on here by someone clearly on drugs. Haley is a student who works to pay for her schooling and has a plan for her life. She is family oriented and a very sweet girl. I met her about a year ago when she was going through a rough time and I will be the first to say that I admire her as a role model and would hate for her to loose her job or take her own life from what was previously said about her. Loveee ya gurl!!!

Low Life

THE DIRTY ARMY: First of all his name leoo ortizz. Hes such a loser he thinks hes the shit and has all this money but little do people know he aint got shit. The apartment he lives in is his so called girlfriend that hes only with her to have a place to stay nd a car to use. He takes her car and goes and smoke with all these females. Hes such a fuking low life all he does is bring trouble. He has a baby that he hardly see because he rather be with his gf/hoes/drugs smh complaints about paying 80 dollars for child support smh like really. Girls becareful with him hes no good. His girlfriend went to school to work for the laws but she had to cancel that because she started dating him… and the probation officer cant be dating the inmates.

Not Anonymous Revision

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Better pics of this chick, my fav is the covered face one!

Killer thighs…(not a compliment).- nik

Crazy Eye’d Wife Beater

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guys name is Daniel Smith. Last week he was arrested for domestic violence for beating up his pregnant wife and throwing her down stomach first in the alley behind his house, in what can only be considered an attempt to kill his unborn child. He also works at a home/school for handicapped and abused kids called Lakemary Center. I don’t think a women beater like him should be working at a place that houses and teaches kid who have suffered physical abuse. Put this loser on blast nik and let everyone know he’s a women beater. The pictures don’t show it very well, but he also has one of the craziest lazy eyes you’ll ever see.

He’s gotta get off the ‘highway’.- nik

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