Joey Wilson Is A Crazy Sex Addict

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Joey Wilson, the biggest man-whore idiot you will ever meet. He works at the Galveston Island Pleasure Pier as “fun-ambassador”. Whatever the hell that means. If you go there right now you will see him. He is addicted to having sex with random men and women he meets on Craigslist as a cuckhold, or the second guy in a bdsm three-way. He gets filmed having sex with these old people. He hits up every milf bar in town looking for a Sugar momma. He is so dumb and always broke that talking to him is like talking to a ballon filled with hot air. He still lives with his mother in Clear Lake and has a lot of daddy issues. Don’t let his preppy look fool you. He is obsessed with the way he looks, and lies about cheating on you. He sends every random girl he meets on dating sites the same naked pictures of himself, they are everywhere! I use to date him at LSU and he was a total jerk there, ladies, Beware! This guy is so disgusting I can’t believe he even exists. Frat douche bag.

Serial Dater

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this little skeeze jumps like a frog every 6 months or so to a new unsuspecting dude. No one can figure out if it’s the guy who realizes she sucks at life or she thinks “dating” them doesn’t make her a slore. The desperation she has is so pathetic. I guess she has to keep filling the void of insecurity as her professional hooters career or that she’s been in a community college for years. Either way it’s sad in 2 & 1/2 years she’s had 4 boyfriends. She has a man face, her hair looks like straw from a scarecrow, and her voice is annoying as f*ck. The only thing she has going is her +2s and they’re not even that great, time for a REDO! Also please for your fellow Facebook followers just stop with the constant gym posts. Your body still sucks and the gym won’t fix that face. Try getting some Botox on them wrinkles and stop making everyone laugh at your pathetic display of insecurity by hopping on Greg after Greg.

Michelle Miller

THE DIRTY ARMY: Michelle miller. The biggest attention whore ever. This girl is obsessed with herself. She takes daily selfies and think she is so hot. She also always talks about her hideous boyfriend like he is a god. She should be embarassed because he is so ugly. She is beyond fake. She likes to talk about girls being desperate and wanting attention yet she posts more selfies than anyone I ever saw. Do not make the mistake of adding her on Instagram. Huge mistake. This picture she especially looks like a drag queen. Like really wtf is she thinking. This is awful. STOP POSTING SELFIES YOU THIRTY ATTENTION WHORE. And no sweetheart you don’t have “haters” no one wants to be you nor look like you. We are just telling it like it is.

Duff gets Stuffed

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this gems name is Taylor Duffy. She makes herself out to be this gangster rich white chick. She came out one night with a group of my friends and I. First impression was not so good when she asked to light up some pot in my friends car… White trash. So to get to the story, she’s being totally classy all night sipping mimosas. It’s time to leave and she’s nowhere to be found. I didn’t care so much but my friend who is a mutual friend didn’t want to leave her. So after an hour of searching we decided to go. We’re walking to the car and at first we didn’t think anything of it, but we saw two black guys standing on both sides of a car leaning into the back doors. We’re getting closer to the car and we see TAYLOR ON HER HANDS AND KNEES IN THE BACK SEAT LITERALLY GETTING STUFFED BY THESE TWO GUYS. She was giving one of them **** and the other one was doing her from the back. Last time we EVER bring this girl out. That’s what fat white girls are good for getting stuffed by purple crayons….nik, would you?

BR Closet Case

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy’s name is Daniel. I think his last name is Hayward. Who knows…He is a compulsive liar. He said he was greek on campus. Im pretty sure he was in Kappa Sigma. He uses two cell phone numbers too….He is the biggest closet case in Baton Rouge. He claims that he is bi…from what I heard from others and from him, he is far from it. He tells people he likes to give it but tells others he likes to take it. He LOVES jockstraps. He will get deep in detail about what he has done, likes to do, etc. When it comes down to business, he never keeps up with what he says. He said his penis is big. NOT. Don’t get me wrong, he is good looking but not a 10 like he claims to be. He nags and nags about sending pics and how he is discreet but that’s false once again. He likes to set meeting s up and flake out. If you say one thing wrong, you are ignore or he curses you out and twists everything around to make it look like you are the one at fault. If you have even the slightest imperfection, he will ignore you. His standards are ALWAYS different. I spoke to at least 15 people whom all have hooked up with him. There are a lot more that “talked” to him. And, a long list of people that he flaked on. He claims he is a virgin! NOT! He has taken it and given it so many times. A BIG COCKSUCKER TOO!. loves to swallow ON TOP OF EVERYTHING in this brief summary, he does all of this bare!!! There is no protection used. HE HAS STDS more specifically HIV. I know that for a fact because he gave it to me! I slept with only ONE person…HIM. I need more info on him! BEWARE! HE IS PSYCHO!!! THERE IS TOO MUCH TO TYPE ABOUT HIM!!!


THE DIRTY ARMY: This jerk decided to cheat on me. I hate him so I thought everyone should see this. Take a close look at his balls. Oh and his kik is johnsuttle

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